after leaving - justin huang

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
life is gonna be true. do, do what i wanna do

babyface - wjsn

aesthetic, alternative, and crystals image aesthetic, theme, and sanrio image
i´m a i´m a babyface

candy pocket - xu yangyuzhuo

ice cream, aesthetic, and soft image sweet, aesthetic, and cotton candy image
pink pink my favorite pink <3

dsf - kid milli feat.sik-k

madoka magica, anime, and archive image anime, car, and japan image
she said i drive so fast

empty - bradystreet

Image by too many ocs aesthetic, blue, and car image
calling uber i dont need a bentley

fadeaway - jvcki wai, coogie, paloalto,the quiett & bassagong

night image china, shanghai, and traveling image
i´m the past i´m the present i´m the future i´m the last

ghost town - bryn

city, purple, and light image Image removed
i should leave this ghost town made my decision

hip hop = money - kid milli feat.bradystreet

Temporarily removed aesthetic and shoes image
silver needles in my vein hope it takes my pain away

infp - futuristic swaver

glitch, rainbowcore, and animecore image anime girl, weirdcore, and archive image
cause you know i´m not your homie stupid

junky - yang hongwon feat.yunhway & cjamm

no:el image skate, boy, and skateboard image
imma pull up in ferrari while you ridin´daddy´s car

kazino - bibi

2000s, 90s, and goth image Abusive image
bitches, ice and homegirl, you home, homegirl

l<3nely - futuristic swaver

alternative, anime, and cool image anime, asia, and japan image
fuck 12 fuck you & you & your mother

macheon - yang hongwon

cut hair, cyberpunk, and punk hair image icon image
i just wanna fuck with ex girlfriend

need u back - bradystreet

theme, goth, and cyper image aesthetic, brain, and glitch image
i don´t wanna fall in love no more

oh my! - ash island feat skinny brown & zene the zilla

abandoned, building, and empty image green and lightning image
i hope you like my inner side

problems - yuzion & futuristic swaver

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i just wanna be alone i don´t wanna be no one

q mark - ash island feat.ek & hash swan

pale, grunge, and dark image alternative, archive, and asia image
i don´t wanna get pain

rainy days - neonblue

aesthetic, rain, and night image aesthetic, architecture, and black image
maybe i´ll drink tonight maybe i´ll fuck tonight maybe i´ll die tonight

swimming pool - red velvet

flowers and aesthetic image heart, pool, and water image
do you wanna stay with me this summer?

t.t.c - jayci yucca feat. skinny brown, ash island & leellamarz

city, cyber, and dark image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
i just spent a 30 on my fucking rent

u - bryn

aesthetic, asia, and beige image aesthetic and theme image
i don´t need you to have fun tonight

vroom - futuristic swaver

aesthetic and city image black and fashion image
designer drugs and designer clothes

wifey - coogie feat.changmo

90's, aesthetic, and alternative image lesbian, lgbt, and tenny image
you´re my heartbreak kid

xyz - sik-k

alternative, 90s, and boots image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
but i´m not perfect unlike my girlfriend

yabai - futuristic swaver

blue, bridge, and night image aesthetic, blue, and cars image
fucking on a thot please don´t tell the cops

zero for conduct - block b bastarz

Abusive image Abusive image
don´t be acting like a loser

20 - futuristic swaver

aesthetic, bad, and fashion image heart and pills image
i got money, i got drug, i got whatever you want