Blazers are a huge trend right now in women's fashion and I am here for it! Say goodbye to your traditional boring blazer and hello to stylish and unique pieces to throw over jeans and a crop. Here are a few ideas for styling and choosing the perfect blazer so it doesn't look like you're actually about to go to the office. Ew!

Matching Mini Skirt

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This is the perfect way to look both fashionable and powerful. Don't forget a cute mini purse!


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Dive head first into fashion by keeping your colors consistent. This one is definitely a boss babe move.

Lingerie Top

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Combine a blazer with your favorite lacy bra for a sexy and stylish vibe.


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You can never go wrong with these colors! Soften up your look by choosing a pastel blazer.


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This style variation is both classy and gives off major vintage Chanel vibes.

Bold Colors

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What's the point of being boring? Stand out of the crowd by making a statement with a bold color.

That's it for this article. Go forth and be bold and confident with a blazer that best suits your style. Check out my collection, Trend: Better than blazers, for more style inspiration and to stay up to date with this trend!

Happy styling!


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