- Hello everyone, whoever is a beauty addict will love this!

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- Me as such a detail person who notice everything i care about environment i live in as a source of positive energy and good vibe.

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- Flowers are feminine- they create positive energy in your home.

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- What do you think why does all the luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, homes always have gorgeous flowers?

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- I do think that being surrounded with beauty affects in a good way.

1. Make your home beautiful comfortable place to live in

2. Decor your home ( sometimes fake flower like one on the picture below can look great )

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3. Think about details

4. Think about colors ( usually light colors gives calmness and happy environment )

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- Flowers brings out life and amazing energy. Learn how to take care of it, be gentle and let it blossom as metaphor of your own life

- Take care of things, take care of YOURSELF first

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Hope you enjoyed my personal and home decor photos and hope you got some inspiration! :)