Hi sweethearts!! 🌻 I have seen this tag sometimes in the last days so here is!!

P.S. It was really hard to choose only six in each category and I added some new categories myself


inspired by:

six tv-shows

Image by Rosalie H. ♡ jared padalecki, sam winchester, and dean winchester image billie piper, david tennant, and dw image aziraphale, crowley, and david tennant image funny, handsome, and snarky image merlin, colin morgan, and sword image
sherlock - supernatural - doctor who - good omens - american gods - merlin

six movies

the goonies, 80s, and goonies image Jurassic Park, dinosaur, and film image alan rickman, flowers, and france image Image by Private User johnny depp, monkey, and jack sparrow image robin williams, quotes, and life image
the goonies - jurassic park - a little chaos - harry potter - pirates of the caribbean - dead poets society

six animated movies

disney and the emperor's new groove image cartoon, childhood, and fish image animation, lockscreens, and cartoons image anime and spirited away image cadaver de la novia image animated, ghibli, and studio ghibli image
emperor's new groove - help i'm a fish - lion king - spirited away - corpse bride - the cat returns

six female characters

brunette, funny, and gloria image nairobi, la casa de papel, and la casa de papel nairobi image doctor who, matt smith, and amy pond image sherlock, amanda abbington, and gif image Dora, harry potter, and remus lupin image shameless, mandy milkovich, and milkovich image
gloria pritchett - nairobi - river song - mary morstan - nymphadora tonks - mandy milkovich

six male characters

sherlock, moriarty, and andrew scott image demons, life, and quote image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed cam, gif, and modern family image harry potter, sirius black, and gary oldman image
james moriarty - mycroft holmes - severus snape -haymitch abernathy - cam tucker - sirius black

six ships

harry potter image thg, haymitch abernathy, and effie trinket image Image by Francesca harry potter, harrypotter, and remus lupin image dumbledore, gif, and harry potter image rumbelle, once upon a time, and ️ouat image
hermione & ron - haymitch & effie - mickey & ian - tonks & lupin - grindelwald & dumbledore - belle & mr. gold

six couples that should had been endgame

dean winchester, castiel, and supernatural image gif, hawaii five 0, and mcdanno image berlin, Palermo, and photography image hamilton, alexander hamilton, and lams image sherlock, Martin Freeman, and benedict cumberbatch image brokeback mountain, movie, and ennis del mar image
dean & castiel - steve & danny - berlin & palermo - hamilton & laurens - sherlock & john - ennis & jack

six friendships

shameless, ian gallagher, and mandy milkovich image Image removed harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image doctor who, david tennant, and donna noble image happy, nairobi, and la casa de papel image gif, peregrin took, and meriadoc brandybuck image
mandy & ian - stiles & scott - harry & hermione - donna & the doctor - helsinki & nairobi - pippin & merry

six actors

Image by kaylah_larin benedict, dreamcast, and the seven sisters image icon, Marvel, and wolverine image artist, beautiful, and beauty image Image by Rany Grammatou jeff goldblum, Jurassic Park, and ian malcolm image
johnny depp - benedict cumberbatch - hugh jackman - robin williams - alan rickman - jeff goldblum

six actresses

actress, beautiful, and hairstyle image Emily Blunt image Image removed actress, harry potter, and hufflepuff image beauty, brunette, and emma watson image emma thompson image
helena bonham carter - emily blunt - meryl streep - natalia tena - emma watson - emma thompson

six casts

cast, tv show, and funny image alan rickman, cast, and harry potter image lord of the rings image Avengers, cast, and Marvel image Jennifer Lawrence, the hunger games, and hunger games image bbc, cast, and fandoms image
modern family - harry potter - lord of the rings - mcu - hunger games - sherlock

six ost

captain jack sparrow, jack, and jack sparrow image anime, disney, and gif image fantasy, golden snitch, and ink image ghibli, icons, and anime icons image sherlock holmes, sherlock, and john watson image DC, joaquin phoenix, and joker image
pirates of the caribbean - the lion king - harry potter - spirited away - sherlock - joker

six artist

Queen, band, and Freddie Mercury image art, van gogh, and vincent van gogh image George Washington, hamilton, and mom and dad image Elvis Presley, elvis, and black and white image Image by kindalostgal art and painting image
queen - vincent van gogh - lin manuel miranda - elvis presley - salvador dalí - giorgio de chirico

six artworks

chandelier, france, and gold image Temporarily removed Image by Purple flower italia, italy, and coliseo image pyramids and egypt image art, salvador dali, and dali image
palace of versailles - the disquieting muses by giorgio de chirico - the scream by munch - the coliseum - pyramids of giza - la persistencia de la memoria by salvador dalí

hope u liked it!