Hi there! I don’t want to make my articles too long and that’s why I only included three of my favorite Kdramas on my previous article~ I’ll leave the link below if you guys haven’t checked that out ;)~, but there are more korean series that I absolutely love and would recommend for anyone that’s interested! So here is my Kdrama favorites article vol.2. Let’s get started!

4. Tempted/ The Great Seducer (Romance, Melodrama)

Synopsis: In an act of revenge, wealthy heir Kwon Shi-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) makes a bet with his friends to seduce Eun Tae-hee (Joy from Red Velvet), a hardworking college student, who no longer believes in love after watching the demise of her parents’ marriage. After Eun Tae-hee meets Kwon Shi-hyun her views on love begin to change. As Shi-hyun’s secret deepens, his feelings for Tae-hee become real.

I really loved this drama. It’s romantic and cute when needed, but also dark and very dramatic at the same time. The main actors are amazing and their chemistry unreal. I’d definitely suggest this to anyone!

joy, kdrama, and tempted image caps, couple, and gif image joy, kdrama, and woo dohwan image kdrama, tempted, and the great seducer image
This is the first kdrama I watched with Woo Do-hwan and I absolutely loved his acting skills. Joy's acting surprised me as well; what a multitalented queen!

5. He is psychometric

Synopsis: After losing his parents in a fire, Lee Ahn (Park Jinyoung) acquires the power of psychometry, the ability to read a person's or an object's past through physical contact, and he decides to use it to take bad people down. While he doesn't know how to control his power yet, he meets Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) who tries her best to hide her painful secrets. Together with his foster guardian, prosecutor Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon), and the latter's colleague, investigator Eun Ji-soo (Kim Da-som), they team up to solve an elusive case that has been haunting their lives. We get to see Jae-in's and Lee-ahn's story as they heal each other through their past, present and future.

“He is psychometric” is a wonderful series that could not be absent from my list. I started watching it for the main lead, Jinyoung, and ended up having the hugest crush on his older brother (foster guardian) Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon). The female main lead was also adorable and very likeable! It’s a series that can make you anxious, happy and sad and I have to recommend it to you guys!

park jinyoung, got7, and shin yeeun image park jinyoung, got7, and he is psychometric image he is psychometric image kdrama, jinyoung, and got7 image
Kim Kwon though... too handsome (*_*)

6. W - Two worlds

Synopsis: Oh Yeon Joo is a surgeon, whose father is a famous comic book creator. One day, her father goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, but instead finds a strange man covered in blood. She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension…

It’s been a long time since I watched this kdrama, but I can surely say that it was an incredible story with lovable actors. It also made me cry a lot… So to me that means that it’s definitely worth watching ;)

w, kdrama, and korea image fantasy, handsome, and korea image w, kdrama, and two worlds image han hyo joo, lee jong suk, and kdrama image
Also, I remember having a crush on Lee Jong-suk's bodyguard (Lee Tae-hwan) for a while after I finished this series (^_^)

I really hope that you can find these articles helpful guys! Personally, I tend to read a lot of such articles when I don't know what I should watch next. Feel free to text me about your impressions of these kdramas or about your favorite korean series! I'd love to talk about them with you! Have a nice day everyone <33