Hi hearters!

I was born in 2002, I found my style and interested in fashion around 2014 (12 years old), let's start!

inspired by;


• Copycat & Hippie

I was a HUGE Demi Lovato fan, so I was copying her style. Since she was older than me at that time, I was dressing a little older than my age.

Long dark brown, wavy hair

Image removed hair, girl, and hairstyle image


basic black tops, jeans and lumberjack shirts, black boots and sneakers

fashion, outfit, and black image closet, jackets, and grunge image aesthetic, black, and shoes image demi lovato, perfect, and demi image


colorful crop tops, REALLY short shorts, sandals and tops that shows my bra, also ripped jeans

fashion, shorts, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image tattoo, diamond, and sexy image fashion, jeans, and style image


LOTS of jewelry and eyeliner

accessories, fashion, and beautiful image manon image awesome, different, and eyeliner image baby lips, pink, and lips image

2015 - 2016

• Grunge & Gothic


bangs, beauty, and edgy image bangs, beautiful, and jacket image


black tops, leather jacket and black jeans

fashion, girl, and style image Image by NooraMoon fashion, outfit, and black image Image by maddi🕊


strapless black tops, skirts and black shorts

outfit, black, and fashion image aesthetic, grunge, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and skirt image fashion, girl, and outfit image
2016, summer, and black image 2016, pale, and summer image
weirdly I have both of these shoes from that year


black eye makeup and dark red / dark purple lipsticks - lots of jewelry again

lips, red, and makeup image beautiful, beauty, and eye image makeup, make up, and eye image beauty, girl, and goal image 2016, accesories, and coachella image accesories, clothes, and gift image


• Basic

I started high school and my style turn basic

medium light brown hair

hair, flowers, and hairstyle image Image removed


natural colored sweaters, black jeans, denim jackets and neutral tops, black heels boots

beige, fashion, and brown image fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed fashion, shoes, and boots image


white / black tops, capris

bella hadid image fashion, outfit, and clothes image girl, black, and american apparel image white blouse, outfit of the day ootd, and simple casual look image


neutral makeup and simple / less jewels / lip glosses

lips, makeup, and beauty image lips, makeup, and red image makeup, beauty, and summer image fashion, shirt, and girl image


• Baggy / Not caring

At 2018 I got an eating disorder and I felt very insecure about my body. I was wearing baggy clothes and I wasn't thinking about what I was wearing, I had selected clothes.

long, wavy, light brown hair

hair, girl, and hairstyle image fashion, girl, and style image


Baggy sweats / cardigans, dark colored clothes, black jeans and heeled boots, I was never wearing crops

goal goals life, inspi inspiration, and luxury luxe nude image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by 🥀🍃 denim, dresses, and eye shadow image


black tops, baggy t-shirts and pants- still not wearing crops

fashion, clothes, and outfit image blue hat, streetwear, and mirror selfie image Image by ig @alowfeed beach, ocean, and sandals image


not wearing jewels, doing too much makeup- dark lipstick

aesthetic, art, and beauty image mac, lipstick, and makeup image


• Casual / Brave

At the start of this year, my anorexia was at its worst. At the half of the year, I had some bad events and these events kinda took me away from my illness.

first brown then black, short hair

asian, blunt, and bob haircut image short, black, and long bob image


black tops, low-cut clothes and black jeans, more black boots

Image by Sin Nombre. fashion, style, and outfit image alternative, fashion, and girls image fashion, shoes, and style image


I met my current best friend and my style has changed thanks to her. I started wear shorts, crops and match colors.

summer outfit, jean shorts, and scrunchie image denim, dresses, and eye shadow image alternative, brendon urie, and celebrities image accessories, basics, and body image


natural makeup / fashion jewels

Image by ashlee adorable, beautiful, and red image aesthetic, girl, and earring image Image by tenderly


• Grunge / Elegant?

At this year, I felt really insecure about my arms because I think they are too big for my body, so this year I kinda trying to cover them.

first black long, after brown medium with bangs, after black and short and after and now orange short hair

black hair, girl, and tumblr image girls, bangs, and icons image Image by Wiam hair, girl, and beautiful image


I wear turtlenecks all winter, you already know about my heeled boots

white pants and black turtleneck image aesthetic, fashion, and trend image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image


SO many crops, shorts, t-dresses and sport shoes / sometimes heeled boots

blogger, combat boots, and fashion image necklace, crop top, and summer outfit image accessories, bracelets, and fashion image aesthetic, body, and outfits image


too much highlighter, eyeliner, sometimes just rimmel and lipstick

girl, beauty, and makeup image brunnete, eyeliner, and goth image aesthetic, beautiful, and lipstick image Image removed


nails, gold, and jewelry image Image by Aaaurélie S. aesthetic, grunge, and jewelry image accessories, ring, and earrings image

Thank you for reading, see you in my next article, bye!

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