Hi everyone!

Lately I've seen a lot of dark academia-tags, so here is me answering some of the questions! I'm doing a mixture of these two articles:

Are you going to learn greek, latin or french?

eiffel tower, moon, and paris image aesthetic, places, and cafe image
Probably french, since it seems most useful.

Will you drink coffee or tea while you're studying?

coffee, aesthetic, and cafe image book, study, and aesthetic image
Coffee while studying, tea at other times.

Running through the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?

architecture, aesthetics, and travel image house and nature image
Early morning walks around the school.

Will you read the secret history or dead poets society?

book image aesthetic, dark, and book image
The secret history. I have seen the movie dead poets society too many times in school, and had never heard of the secret history until now!

All-girls school, all-boys school or school for everyone?

couple and aesthetic image article image
School for everyone, I think we can learn a lot from each other.

Will you tell your friends about Oscar Wilde or Edgar Allan Poe?

aesthetic, dark, and night image dark academia, aesthetic, and friends image
I don't think I've read anything by any of them, to be honest. Probably Oscar Wilde, though.

Will you tell the rough truth or the sweet lies about what happened last weekend?

aesthetic, city, and rain image aesthetic and dark academia image
The rough truth.

Will you prefer the sound of the crowded library (flipping pages, pencils meeting paper, soft whispers) or your shared dormitory at night (snoring, fire crackles, rain tapping against the window?)

books, library, and vintage image book, girl, and library image
The crowded library, definitely. I can't stand people snoring.

Running in the rain or laying on the grass in summer?

Amy Adams image aesthetic and alternative image
Laying on the grass in summer.

At night when they ask for scary stories, will you tell true crime or urban legends?

Abusive image dark and night image
True crime, I'm obsessed.

Will your old radio play classical or jazz?

violin and music image Image removed
Classical music.

Will you take english or history class?

book, red, and hands image quotes image
Hmm, english, I think.

Will you dance in the moonlight or play the piano softly?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, grunge, and night image
Dance in the moonlight!

Will you pledge allegiance to the god of sciences or literature?

book, read, and reading image academia, mathematics, and blackboard image
I don't know to be honest, I really like both subject areas.

Will you have any forbidden love story?

best friends, dating, and romance image aesthetic, city, and friends image
Why would it be forbidden?

Will you be forced to abandon love for ambition or ambition for love?

dark academia, aesthetic, and dark image couple, love, and kiss image
Hmm, love for ambition, I believe.

Will you visit rainy London or gloomy Paris?

Image by {V} black and white image
Rainy London.

Will you write music or poetry?

aesthetic, city, and grunge image book, glasses, and writing image
Poetry. But music can be a kind of poetry, I think.

Will you go to a crowded reception or spend the night telling horror stories to your friends?

aesthetic, beauty, and she image blur, hazy, and night image
Go to a crowded reception. I'm not very into horror stories, actually.

In an empty classroom, will you solve equations on the blackboard or search for answers in an old forgotten book?

film, german, and phoenix image aesthetics, dark academia, and math image
Hmm, I would probably not be solving the equations on the blackboard, because I wouldn't want others to be able to come in and see what I've written. However, I mostly need to be alone when solving equations, since I feel pressured if I do it together with others.

Will you prefer an old country side manor or a big city house?

interior, stained glass, and vintage image alternative, aesthetic, and dark image
This really differs from day to day and depends on my mood. Right now: an old country side manor, but not too far from the city.

Where would your school be located?

architecture, beautiful, and castle image academia, dark academia, and aesthetic image
Somewhere in England, maybe in the north?

That was everything, all love!