It is summer, and people out have stopped wearing long overcoats or woolen trousers. Noticing more skin and more tattoos is natural. Starting from a colourful butterfly on the shoulder to a meaningful quote on the torso, inks are gaining acceptance throughout the world, but still, there are a few annoying misconceptions, most of which are unfortunately related to women.

Mentioned below are a few things one must stop telling or asking women with tattoos right now. Please check them out.

1.Pretty without those Adornments

According to the experts working for the best tattoo place in Thailand, women often have to hear that they would have been prettier if they have not decided to ink designs on the different parts of their bodies. Well, it is their life, they are adults, and they can do whatever they want. If one does not feel attracted to women with tattoos, he should not date them in the first place. Making preposterous comments is unnecessary.

2.Parents Approval

The people, after a particular age, do not need their parents’ approval anymore. They can arrive at decisions on their own, and endure the consequences. The same goes for women naturally. They are spending their own hard-earned money to decorate their bodies. Why go out of the line and ask if their parents are okay with them having tattoos. It is a personal discussion that they may not like to have.

3.Not an Art

This would offend tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts all across the globe. Tattooing may have entered the fashion industry recently, but its history dates back to almost 4th millennium BC. Inking complex and huge designs on the skin without inflicting too much pain is quite difficult, and no less than what one perceives as art. No random person can pick a tattoo machine and start working. It requires years of practice.

4.Finding a Job Must be Difficult

The experts working for the best tattoo place in Thailand said having tattoos does not make a person impulsive, reckless, or a bad employee. Several industrial sectors hire people with heavily decorate bodies because they are qualified.

Being curious about a woman’s body art is fine, but telling that they would not find a job because of their body arts or they should hide their body arts before going for an interview is outright insulting. Instead, ask her to be confident with how she looks and what she has.

5.Unusual Sex Life

The modern-day society is strange. It believes if a woman wears red lipstick or has a tattoo for that matter, she is outgoing and open to talk about anything, including her sex life. Well, this is wrong. A woman may have tattoos because she wanted to honour her dead friend or pet, and not because she is kinky. Stop assuming because it makes one feel extremely uncomfortable.

If one likes tattoos and wishes to initiate a conversation with women having tattoos, he or she must compliment them and request them to share the story behind their decision to get inked. Yes, it is that simple.