Name: Daria Ambrosia
Age: born 1438, and turned at age 20


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bad traits

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she can be a lot to handle. possibly worst temper in the world, and also possibly the most sarcastic person in the world.

good traits

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she is very independent and don't take shit from anyone. she tends to see the good in bad people, which too often ends up biting her in the ass.


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vampire, born 1438 in greece

Miss Mystic Falls

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caroline forbes, rebekah mikaelson, damon salvatore, elijah mikaelson and haley marshall


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she and stefan hooked up for a couple of weeks, before klaus got in the way. she might be in love with klaus, but things keep getting in their way. She also had a thing with Lexie in the 50's, and they were at it for a while but then they started seeing each other less often and drifted apart.

Quotes/Things she would say

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Her favorite decade

prohibition, 1920's, and roaring 20's image kendall jenner, model, and black and white image katy perry, black and white, and vintage image dress, fashion, and pink image
the 20's