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My first big sleepover

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It was the last day of seventh grade and it was exactly how a 12 year old girl wanted to start their summer. It was the first time my mom had let me go to a big sleepover. It might have been the first time I had been invited to one. Basically every girl from the seventh grade class was there. Our middle school was super tiny so it wasn't anything too crazy.

I remember playing hide and seek in the dark, swimming, having a water balloon fight, and watching Mean Girls for the first time. By the end of the night we were all telling scary stories. I remember being super freaked out and almost wanting to go home. Some of us girls who were a little shook up went into the host's bedroom and found boardgames to play to distract us. After playing Apples to Apples we had a deep heart to heart and prayed together. It was really special. I remember falling asleep on my friend's top bunk still thinking of all the creepy stories my friend Makaela had told.

The next year after the 8th grade, we did it all over again, and it was even better than before.

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