Artificial intelligence proved itself as a helping hand for teachers because of deep insights into what students need. AI can pinpoint the most effective learning context, pedagogical strategies, methods, and applications required for effective growth. The analytical tasks and extensive data collection by AI are polishing the human skills in finding the most effective pedagogical technique for each person. Understanding the importance of AI in learning processes Hello shraa is an application based on AI and deep learning to improve English conversation skills. It improves English speaking by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP). Hello, Shara has improved personalized learning by offering virtual assistance to polish the English grammar basics and basic English speaking. Let's explore How hello shraa change English learning.

Learning level evaluation

Writing English is not as tough as speaking, hello shraa improve Accent English speaking by evaluating the level of your pronunciation (through machine learning) and offering live practicing sessions of improving Accent & Intonation. It's a manageable learning curve, which is enabled by AI, giving you detailed scores and feedback based on your English spoken ability. The priority of either Listening or Speaking decided by AI, based on levels of user. Reach your speaking goal after proper evaluation and practicing words, grammar, and sentences.

Multiple course options

Hello, shraa is changing English learning through multiple course options at different user's level. Introducing different scenarios and real situations, you can easily practice office interviews, presentations by switching in three modes manual, auto, and fast depending on requirements and learning level.
You can download the Hello Shraa App For Learning English

User friendly

Offering repetitive practice and go through, one can correct grammar mistakes and fix speech problems. AI will determine the strong and weak points of each user and will adjust the course and questions accordingly.

Unlimited practice sessions

It's an NLP based English listening app through Personal Virtual Pronunciation Coach with unlimited practice sessions. You can quickly learn sentence formations and all formal and informal phrases. It analyzes the native accent and then offers the speech practices.