I have been there, trust me. When you enter the gym and everyone there seems to know exactly what they are doing. They have their headphones in and are walking between the machines with firm steps, not even looking around. It can be daunting. I have been doing sports my whole life so I am used to doing activities and strength workouts was a big part of it, so I even have that advantage. Which is why I can only imagine it must be feel even worse if you are walking into the gym without any or minimum experience.

So let's skip ahead a bit, and let me explain why I decided to write this blog.
I have heard so many women in the locker rooms and on the gym floor talking about why they only use the treadmill, elliptical trainer or bikes.

- "I don't want to gain a lot of muscle"
- "I just want to be skinny and this is the way to lose fat"

These, or something similar, are the reasons for them choosing to do cardio workouts. It pains me to hear women talk like this, for many reasons. Here are just some:
- You will have to work your ass and eat correctly to get muscles that clearly show - and damn girl if you do BE PROUD OF THEM! Trust me, by going to the gym a few times a week and doing high rep strengthening workouts, you won't become "bulky" as a girl. However, you will become stronger, feel more independent and confident. I also think that we should stop saying that muscles aren't feminine. Being strong is awesome and something to be celebrate, LIKE ALL BODYTYPES.
- Why do you have to be skinny? we have all been there, where all you see on your instagram are beautiful skinny women that just seem to have it all. Its not the case. Let's peep through the curtain and realise that starving yourself or doing miles on miles on the treadmill everyday is not happiness. Don't get me wrong some women are naturally skinny, no matter what they eat or how much they train and that's great. But don't forget they have their insecurities too. Why is there a need for women to be skinny, women should focus on being healthy, mentally and physically. What that means is, go to the gym because it makes you feel good, because it realises endorphins and makes you feel stronger. Find exercises that makes you forget about everything else for awhile and just be a beast. You got this!

Okay, so back to why I find this important and wanted to write this blog. After I had been to the gym a few times, my gym offered a free weightlifting course for women to try and get more girls to use the lifting part of the gym. I thought that sounded cool so I dragged a friend with me and showed up. This course changed my life. I loved it, lifting weights feeling in control, it was just me and that weight and I felt so strong when I managed to lift it. All thanks to this women competing in weightlifting and showing me the proper form. I would never have gone to the weightlifting part of the gym if it wasn't for that course and I wish more women got to have the same experience. Therefore, I am writing this blog, hoping that I can inspire at least one of you to do the same. If you don't know anyone who can help you get started with lifting weights, go on Youtube. There are many really good description videos of the different exercises, start with Deadlifts and squats and build your way up from there. Look at official channels that have a lot of subscribers and focus on technique work and describing that properly.

I can promise you one thing, half of the people that you see in the gym looking confident, they are not! They are just as insecure, and especially the men, they don't want to show it. I wish more women would use the weightlifting section so we could support each other there, so that in a years time you don't feel like an outsider going to the weightlifting section, you feel at home.

I have created an instagram account to try and inspire and help more women go to the gym, if that resonates with you follow @kjussie