That's my second article for this series that (hopefully) I'll be posting daily. This time is with taurus, a sign I have a love-hate relationship with.

โœง element โœง
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The key word for earth signs is stability. They really praise for routine and security. They absolutely hate changes and try to avoid it at any cost. They're also possessive and have this need for protection to their loved ones.

โœง modality โœง
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Fixed signs are in the middle of the seasons, symbolizing stability and maturity. These people have a very solid idea of who they are and what they think, making of them stubborn people.

โœง ruling planet โœง
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Venus is all about beauty, love and pleasure. That means taurus are born with a natural elegance and they are known as the best lovers of the zodiac.

โœง symbol โœง
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โ™‰๏ธŽ - the bull

The bull was considered a charming strong animal, just like taurus. That's why it symbolizes this sign.

โœง compatibility โœง
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earth and water signs

As I mentioned in my previous article, to see if two signs are compatible, you simply check if they have the same polarity. Taurus has negative polarity, meaning it's compatible with earth (taurus, virgo and capricorn) and water (cancer, scorpio and pisces) signs.

The astral paradise for taurus is virgo, while the astral hell is aries. And the complementary sign is scorpio.

โœง numbers โœง
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The sun transits through the taurus constellation from april 21st to may 20th, changing a bit depending on the year.

The constellation is between 30 and 60 degrees of celestial longitude (30ยฐ โ‰ค ฮป < 60ยฐ).

Taurus is in the 2nd house and its lucky number is 6.

โœง sun in taurus โœง
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Your sun sign defines your basic personality. Taurus are known for being practical, materialistic and stubborn; they're also know for praising for luxury and comfort. You should also pay attention to your venus sign, which will impact you more because it's the ruling planet for taurus.

โœง moon in taurus โœง
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People here have a deep need for security in pretty much everything. These people have a possessive way to deal with their relationships, and they ask for loyalty back. If they're not emotionally stable, it's very likely that they can't do anything else.

โœง rising in taurus โœง
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The first impression you make is to seem chill and calm; you'll also look patient and slow. Since this is also how you socially present yourself, your style can be affected as well, which will tend to be more elegant and comfortable.

โœง mercury in taurus โœง
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The way you think is pretty analytical and slow, but in a good way. You'll want to analyse every single possibility, the pros and cons of everything and will never talk until the sentence is ready in your mind. Even though you don't always answer questions so fast, you probably won't change your mind. You're pretty confident of your ideas and literally no one can make you change your opinions.

โœง venus in taurus โœง
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Taurus is ruled by venus, so people here also tend to present pretty strong traits of taurus. These people like to show affection in physical and material ways and they can be incredibly jealous in relationships.

โœง mars in taurus โœง
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When facing a problem, these people aren't the fastest ones to solve them, or to recover from them. They take their time. However, once they decide it's solved, they won't even think about it anymore.

โœง jupiter in taurus โœง
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For them to feel good, it is essential beauty and comfort in their lives. They also need the emotional support of those who they care about to feel successful. They're at their best once they're settled down and stable, in any sphere of their lives.

โœง saturn in taurus โœง
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Their professional life is all about safety and stability. They tend to fear changes and not having enough, leading them to be selfish at work if they're not at their best. However, when the circumstances are propitious, they're very responsible, independent and mature.

โœง uranus in taurus โœง
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Uranus is related to change and rebellion, traits that aren't commonly associated to taurus. They're not exactly the most open-minded people and praise more for traditions rather than revolutions. They like to keep a fixed routine and often react bad when they see themselves having to break it. They're the kind of people who plan their days in the morning showers and when something unpredictable happens, their entire day is ruined.

โœง neptune in taurus โœง
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They're more practical than dreamers, but they are pretty persistent if they are feeling inspired. They like to plan everything they do, even if they're working with their creative side. They also worry about being careful and meticulous rather than rushing.

โœง pluto in taurus โœง
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Pluto is related to personal growth. People with taurus as pluto sign don't change if there isn't a solid reason to. They're great and comfortable the way they are and unless they realize their method isn't the most efficient anymore, they won't move a finger to change.

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