stage name: hyunjin
nicknames: jinnie, 开心果 / kai xin guo (cheerful, delightful)
age: 15 / ’05 line
height: 163cm
weight: 42kg
star sign: aries
blood type: O
company: yuehua entertainment
position: main vocal, lead rapper, maknae
training period: 4-5 months
charms/other talents: wink fairy, assists in producing songs for the group, beat box, hula hoop, playing the drumset
languages: korean, english, chinese, learning japanese


asian, theme, and ulzzang image girl image girl, korean, and aesthetic image aesthetic, female, and girl image asian, theme, and ulzzang image aesthetic, background, and girl image

competed in an idol trainee survival show with 111 korean and chinese girls (like produce 101/48), ranked fourth overall and debuted in an 11 member girl group

idol, kpop, and chaeyeon image wang ke and produce 48 image

girl group

izone, kpop, and ot12 image kpop image
an 11 member girl group with a cute, girl crush concept, formed from the idol trainee survival show 'PRODUCE MIX', officially debuted on 11/11/2020. fandom name: MY1OVE


aesthetic, garden, and pink image ʟᴏᴠᴇ and sᴋᴀᴛᴇ image pink, skate, and white image goth image
cute girl crush

personal style / streetstyle

Image by تقوى 2000s, 90s, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and clothes image aesthetic image

debut in
korea and china

myeongdong image korea and south korea image
korea debut: 11/11/2020
aesthetic, asia, and china image china and shanghai image
china debut: 24/12/2020

debut album: TRYHARD
title track: hide and seek

pink, gif, and music image
a fast and refreshing electronic tune about achieving our goals

inspirations/similar to

Image by kv.villacarillo@gmail.com Image by kv.villacarillo@gmail.com
jang wonyoung
Image removed korea, mxm, and donghyun image
lee daehwi
k-pop, kim yohan, and oui entertainment image kpop, x1, and yohan image
kim yohan
chuu, loona, and kpop image chuu, kim jiwoo, and loona image
chuu (kim jiwoo)