Hey everybody, I hope you are all doing well :)
In today's article I will list all my aesthetics. I hope you like it and I hope you will find some aesthetics that you like...

The Old-School Aesthetic // Retro

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  • If you know me by now you already know my fascination about the 80s and 90s. I always adored the culture, fashion but especially the movies and the music. If you go to a party and you see a crazy girl dancing madly to footloose, yeah, that's me.

Early 2000s Aesthetic

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  • Since I grew up in this decade, It's easier to recreate this aesthetic because I saw the fashion and the culture at its "peak". I love the style and it's really cool the fact that now it's very trendy, specially the y2k aesthetic.

Femme Fatale Aesthetic

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  • This is the type of aesthetic that I'm always talking about, I find that it's very mysterious, interesting and different! I love watching old Hollywood movies with those femme fatales, It's amazing.

Mediterranean Breeze / Sea aesthetic

fruit and summer image ocean, girl, and aesthetic image Image by cj Image by tenderlygirl
  • When I think about this aesthetic I think about two things, the TV Show H2O just add water and the movie Mamma Mia. Basically means walking barefoot, light colours, lemon water, bikinis, beach, mermaids and sirens, salty hair, seashells, orange trees, skinny dipping in the ocean, etc
  • It brings me the nostalgia of my summer holidays (I am part of the Mediterranean culture so...).

Classy / Parisian Aesthetic

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  • My grandma was born in France and she spent her childhood there, so she always told me about the "Parisian beauty secrets" and she talks about the culture as well. My mother is not french but she's so Parisian...
  • I really like this aesthetic, is really classy and glamorous. One day I will write about Parisian style and beauty tricks if you want :))


I hope you liked it, I'm looking forward to write more articles about aesthetics and style!
Have an amazing week ;)