Some of these might not be underrated for you but i think these characters are underappreciated.

1. Pope Heyward

outer banks, netflix, and jonathan daviss image outer banks, jj maybank, and gif image outer banks, pogues, and aesthetic image pope, outer banks, and obx image
Outer banks

2. Jennifer Jareau (JJ)

Image removed blonde, criminal minds, and gif image criminal minds, jennifer jareau, and aj cook image criminal minds, aj cook, and jennifer jareau image
Criminal minds

3. Lane Kim

boys, gilmore girls, and mood image Temporarily removed gilmore girls, lane, and rock image Temporarily removed
Gilmore girls

4. Lucas Sinclair

stranger things, caleb mclaughlin, and lucas sinclair image stranger things image stranger things, caleb mclaughlin, and icon image gif, netflix, and stranger things image
Stranger things

5. Finn Shelby

boy, boys, and brother image peaky blinders and finn shelby image gif, Shelby, and peaky blinders image gif, Shelby, and peaky blinders image
Peaky blinders

6. Ben Hargreeves

Temporarily removed gif, the umbrella academy, and klaus hargreeves image ben, edit, and number 6 image Temporarily removed
The umbrella academy

7. Jasper Jordan

jasper jordan image cw, the 100, and jasper image gif, jasper, and show image Image removed
The 100

8. Monty Green

Temporarily removed Image by Romy Temporarily removed Image removed
The 100

9. Garfield Mark Logan

beast boy, gar logan, and titans dc image meow, beast boy, and titans image beast boy, dcu, and titans image DC, beast boy, and dcu image

10. Ashlyn Caswell

Temporarily removed high school musical, wildcats, and nini image high school musical, HSM, and musical image HSM, gif, and ashlyn image