hi, im back with a new article. tomorrow it's my birthday so i will answer these questions bellow inspired by my incredible friend's article @maadgaaleena

↬ how old are you?

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↬ when is your birthday?

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july 28

↬ how old will you be turning?

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↬ are you excited for your birthday?

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↬ how did this age treat you?

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okay. ive meet some amazing people

↬ what did you learn being this age?

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people all have a hidden side and sometimes they are "playing games"

↬ what do you plan on doing when you turn that age?

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meet new people, and make new friends

↬ do you celebrate your birthday?

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ive celebrate it Saturday with friends (shout out @fidoucat @delya_gr @vertjade @imnoemie)

↬ are you glad to getting older?

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↬ what are your three wishes for your birthday?

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1. that this shitty year 2020 is over and it never happen again 2. release my dreams 3. achieve my goals
that's all, thanks for reading.

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