this isn't to get all sappy about my personal love life; i know that love ain't easy. ain't nothin' ever easy about giving up about 100% of love to another person, just to realize that you forgot to save just a bit for urself. or spending all of ur time figuring out a new way to reassure that special someone, just to have it mean less than you expect. or looking back at all the missed opportunities that would've prevented the downhill between the person you love. even though you try your hardest, in the most unfortunate event, that love you hold just might not be enough... but thas ok.

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if i learned one thing from being in multiple relationships (not specifying any numbers weirdos),
i am def not saying that you are entitled to being with multiple partners (no judgement if thas you, but i'm not promoting). what i mean by this is that loving yourself and the people around you is just as important. here's a little reference that is absolutely not correlated to my life and these passed few months. lol....

there is this person, lets call him "skittles" who has a pretty hectic life. atm is working fulltime spending a chunk of his money on family expenses, while also taking care of his dad alongside his two sibling (it would be three, but one recently moved out the house). there are many other things he keeps in his mind, but skittles doesn't put anytime to himself. on the other hand, he is in love with his previous girlfriend. they still hang out and to him she almost always makes his day, but in the end, they still aren't together. let's call this person "hi-chew"

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so one day skittles and hi-chew got into a huge argument over text over. although he insisted something wasn't true, she didn't trust his words and was ready to cut him off completely. because of how much time he invested on wanting to be with her, he forgot about the rest of his hectic life. skittles felt like he had to tackle it all on his own again, but once he felt like he couldn't, he froze. sadness, frustration, loneliness. all these emotions crept up n nothing felt obtainable. without days of work, and without being able to text hi-chew, he reached out to the two people he cared about most. let's call them "m&m" HAHAHAHA. it makes sense, trust me. they've been skittles best friend's for majority of his life n after a few hangouts talking about their wild ass past n some shit called feelings, skittles remembered how much he had m&m by his side. they helped him realize that he was also important in the relationship he was in.

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probably what one of em called him cuz they were drunk LOL

so to sum up this whole thing, the person u love in a romantic sense, isn't the only person you should invest your love and time into. yeah, go on cute ass dates n show them you're in love, but once in a while kick it with your friends. just like skittles and m&ms, the ones who've been there for a while are the one's that'll be there for even longer. also, make sure to not be so lost into ur relationship. love can blind you from so much of what life is throwing at you, but ur never alone.