This is just my own personal opinion and I love these men. Enjoy!

Robert Pattinson
robert pattinson image robert pattinson, Hot, and handsome image harry potter, cedric diggory, and robert pattinson image edward cullen and twilight image
Jacob Elordi
the kissing booth, noah flynn, and jacob elordi image joey king, the kissing booth, and noah flynn image euphoria, jacob elordi, and boys image Hot and jacob elordi image
Paul Walker
paul walker and fast and furious image paul walker and fast and furious image paul walker and fast and furious image paul walker and fast and furious image
Timothee Chalamet
timothee chalamet image timothee chalamet and call me by your name image timothee chalamet image Image by Roy
Harry Styles
Harry Styles, gucci, and one direction image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image Image by Shaina Gibson Image by Shaina Gibson
Cody Christian
all american, asher adams, and cody christian image cody christian image celebrities, sexy, and handsome image Image removed
Zayn Malik
Image by M. zayn and zayn malik image Image by JCP zayn, zayn malik, and malik image
James Franco
james franco, boy, and Hot image 80s and james franco image james franco, freaks and geeks, and 90s image freaks and geeks, james franco, and grunge image
Leonardo DiCaprio
leonardo dicaprio, boy, and young image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and 90s image Image by marcela leonardo dicaprio, boy, and cigarette image
Joe Keery
80s, aesthetic, and tumblr image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image steve harrington, stranger things, and joe keery image madmax, steve harrington, and stranger things image
Louis Tomlinson
one direction, louis tomlinson, and louis image one direction, louis tomlinson, and 1d image one direction, louis tomlinson, and wedding image louis tomlinson, one direction, and louis image
Ross Lynch
ross lynch, r5, and the driver era image ross lynch and boy image actor, bricks, and celebrity image caos, r5, and ross lynch image
Paul Wesley
Image by Ксения Иванова actor, beautiful, and boys image paul wesley image paul wesley image
Matthew Gray Gubler
matthew gray gubler image criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and spencer reid image matthew gray gubler, criminal minds, and mgg image criminal minds, spencer reid, and Hot image
Michael Evans Behling
michael evans behling image all american, netflix, and actor image michael evans behling image michael evans behling image
Shemar Moore
criminal minds, shemar moore, and derek morgan image shemar moore image actors, fandoms, and tv shows image criminal minds, derek morgan, and shemar moore image