Are you getting excited as 2020 Halloween is just 3 months away! What Doctor Who Halloween costume are you going to wear to improve your charm this year? Here CosDaddy has carefully selected top 5 Doctor Who costume ideas to make you the greatest time traveller!
Doctor Who Costume

The long-running TV series Doctor Who is a significant part of British culture and it has deeply influenced people grew up watching it. People have fallen in love with the various Doctors and dressed up with Dr Who costume to show their passion. 2020 Halloween is not far, no matter you’ve dressed up with Doctor Who outfits, Doctor Who coat or not over the past years, this year, CosDaddy has prepared you the best Doctor Halloween costume to upgrade your image at Halloween party. Get ready!

CosDaddy Doctor Halloween Costume

Look 1: 13th Doctor Cosplay

We can see that each doctor owns at least one Doctor Who coat. The 13th doctor also has a variety selection of 13th Doctor Coat of her own. Here we have 13th doctor grey coat costume, both the design and color look mature and elegant, the buttons add points to the overall effect.

If you need the coat color that never goes out of style, choose our 13th doctor beige coat costume, the design of black lining with 3 long stripes and 2 pockets outside make the coat more fashionable.

For those who want 13th doctor trench coat, we have old version and new version. Overall they look the same, but there is difference in detail. Old version has 3 stripes in the lining and new version upgrades to rainbow stripes. If you don’t like additional stripe element, we have original Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who coat. 13th doctor coat is not meant to be just a cosplay coat that makes you look elegant at Halloween party, it also works perfectly for daily wear to protect you from cold days.

After picking up your ideal 13th doctor coat and 13th doctor jacket, you must be thinking about what to wear under the coat. 13th Doctor is incredibly lively, warm, funny and energetic. 13th Doctor outfit design perfectly demonstrates strong positive vibes that 13th Doctor brings to Doctor Who fans. 13th Doctor outfit is not only comfortable for casual, but also for dressy looks.

Look 2: 7th Doctor Cosplay

7th doctor much like his fellow 1980’s doctors has a quite unique style brandished in crimson question marks, never going anywhere without his trusty umbrella or his Panama hat. 7th doctor outfit is almost identical just with a change in coat and some subtle color changes. The good news for anyone attempting to get 7th doctor coat is we offer two colors: brown and cream. No matter which one you like, both can make you look as wise as 7th doctor.

Look 3: 8th Doctor Cosplay

I think we all agree that 8th Doctor is one of the most good-looking doctors, and his 8th Doctor coat is definitely a nice choice for Doctor Halloween Costume. It is a dark green velvet coat with three large buttons on each side. 8th Doctor coat not only feels comfortable, but also looks classy to improve your charm.

Look 4: 3rd doctor Cosplay

3rd Doctor is just like 7th Doctor, intelligent and profound, but we can tell that 3rd Doctor put more importance on physical appearance. 3rd Doctor coat is bright, black with red lining, and it comes with a cape, which makes 3rd Doctor coat more distinguished. 3rd Doctor cosplay comes with another set of 3rd Doctor jacket, the color is also bright, and the outstanding part is the design of button, which makes you look dandy and fashionable.

Look 5: Doctor Who Ruth Cosplay

If you want to look like a successful and independent woman, check out Doctor Who Ruth outfit. And notice, the back strap can be removed if you don’t like it as decoration. No matter which style you prefer, we offer best customer service for you. All the costumes are custom-made by our tailors with top sewing facilities, unique fabrications. You can totally trust us for we specialized in this field for more than 5 years. And to make your purchase more affordable, we offer July Sale: Over $139 Get $10 OFF! Over $189 Get $15 Off! What a bargain!

Doctor Who Outfits Show Of Artists

To better display Doctor Who outfits and Doctor Who coat, we share some great works of amazing artists.

Customer Reviews on CosDaddy Doctor Who Costume

Having been in this field for more than 5 years, we’ve earned the trust from all of our customers. The following are some customer reviews for reference.

I ordered a small size of this jacket and it fits perfectly! You guys CosDaddy have done a fantastic job! :D Looking forward to ordering from them in the future!-----Benjamin Hutchings

Ordered this for my wife for Christmas. The coat is high quality and well made. It looks really amazing on my wife! We’re very pleased with this purchase.-----Allen

Pretty darned great! Fit is accurate and looks exactly like the picture. Buttons are higher quality than they look, costume is nice and light, but feels decent quality, especially the coat. Only flaws with this costume I’d suggest people be aware of - the character has his trousers rolled up, but these are only printed on one side, so they’re tricky to roll up and make look right, and the waist coat is possibly a bit shorter than the real one(at least on me), but otherwise it’s fantastic. Really pleased!-----Leigh valentine

After browsing our Doctor Who Halloween costume ideas, have you decided what Doctor Halloween costume to buy? We have more collection of Doctor Who costume that will help you stand out on Halloween. So, are you ready for the day to show your best Doctor Who cosplay? It’s time to have it now!