Inspired by:


  • name: Lila Jameson
  • birthday: February 3
  • zodiac: Aquarius
  • age: 20
  • birthplace: Spokane, Washington
  • position: Lead singer


aesthetic and girl image eye, eyes, and makeup image Temporarily removed bikini and body image
short brown hair, green-blue eyes, tan skin, toned body, small deathly hallows tattoo on wrist


quotes and star image quotes, words, and morgan harper nichols image wallpaper, phrases, and pink image quotes, pink, and life image quote image positive, positivity, and quote image
optimistic, loving, open-minded, supportive, bold, stubborn, naive


  • everyday
fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed Image by Maria Maria clothes, fashion, and classy image
  • airport/travel
black, fashion, and outfit image beige, fashion, and outfit image fashion, green, and outfit image fashion, inspiration, and outfit image
  • on stage
fashion, dress, and style image black, haute couture, and purple image dolce gabbana and model image runway image
  • award shows
fashion, model, and runway image Couture, dress, and fashion image Couture, dress, and fashion image Temporarily removed
  • interviews
fashion, red, and outfit image asian fashion, dress, and jumpsuit image bag, fashion, and girls image aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image

★the band★

  • name: Serenading Hearts
  • number of members: 4
  • record label: Polydor Records
  • concept: pop, soft pop

★current members★

icon image aesthetic, blue, and electric guitar image
Helena Brooks - 19 - guitarist and backup vocalist - spunky, creative, confident, tells sweet lies, emotional
aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, chic, and classy image
Perri Mills - 20 - bassist and backup vocalist - high maintenance, quirky, fun loving, loyal, impatient
aesthetic, black, and cute guy image cat, green, and aesthetic image
Florian Davis - 23 - drums and backup vocalist - chill, spontaneous, humorous, lazy, "not like other people"

★music inspo★

band, Queen, and Freddie Mercury image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed george harrison, the beatles, and ringo starr image
Queen, Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey, The Beatles


Serenading Hearts

friends, aesthetic, and alternative image
Caravan, Running with Scissors, Candy Floss, Reload, Never Cry Wolf, Broke Rich Girl, Through the Fog in New York City, Light Green Hoodie, Regal, The Inventor, The Boy who was Silent all Night, Thunder and Lightning


80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
Book Shelves, Infatuation, Cup o' Tea, The History Between our Pages, Dying Roses, Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy, Angry Poets, Songs Filled with Nonsense, The Saddest Thing About Being Happy, Burgundy, The Death of a Violin, Rain Doesn't Wash Away Problems, Hair Ribbon, Just a Little Longer

The King's Fool

Image removed
My First Medieval Gown, Songbird, The King's Fool, Dusty Old Fairy tale, Ballrooms Full of Ghosts, Crown, Knighting the Bishop, Wine Veins, May You Reign, Drowned in the Moat, Silver, Monarch and Money, Building on New Experiences, Love Letters Go a Long Way


beach, summer, and friends image
Living in Sunlight, Clocks, Holes in my T-shirt, Sunset San Francisco, Crayon Masterpiece, I've Come a Long Way Love, Forget me for the Last Time, Dreamland, My Little Obsession, Stickers, Hummingbird Hotel, 5 Years Older, Perri, Goodnight Moon

Thank you so much for reading! The song names took me such a long time.