OC in songs, 5

"Wanted," Todrick Hall

bite, gay, and Hot image dark academia image
He starts his day swiftly walking between the halls of Hearthstone Academy just to avoid getting caught in somebody's drama or bad side, already eager to leave from there.
"You can play the game or you can watch them slander. Your name, the truth, it doesn't matter."

"Time is Running Out," The Section Quartet

witch, autumn, and dark image forest, free, and girl image
Paper scattered all over his floor, hands stained with ink, messy hair because he pulled it way too much out of frustration, furniture tilted over...

"Somebody You Loved", Lewis Capaldi

love, couple, and hug image Image by ✧ 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞 ✧
He just won a competition and is feeling wonderful, so he turns around about to shout some words of pure excitement but fails to see his sister's face in the crowd.
"I let my guard down, and then you pulled the rug. I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved"

"Photograph," Ed Sheeran

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He found a photograph of a day in rural France for a weekend with their family before things turned out the way it did.
"We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves."

"Dear Sister, your brother," Talain Rayne

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He laughs as he remembers that time they fooled their parents by dressing alike and styling themselves equally back when they were four.
"Do you remember all the good times when we made fun, and when we were young?"

"Jealously," Queen

couple, vintage, and beach image Temporarily removed
A younger version of himself constantly fighting against his sister for attention from their parents and failing to notice those times that he won rather to see those that she did.
"Jealousy you got me somehow, you gave me no warning. Took me by surprise."

"Theme from Schindler's List", John Williams

Inspiring Image on We Heart It boarding school, england, and school image
A day with his mates just passing time in Catachan after a heavy week, just enjoying themselves.

"hate u love u," Olivia O'Brien

boys, daniel radcliffe, and grunge image Image by midnightdancing
A moment of weakness and he finds himself having conflicted feelings over his sister.
"I hate that I love you, don't want to, but I can't put nobody else above you."

"Yesterday," Brandon Mills

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The twins laid down in the floor on top of a blanket while their mother sings and plays a song for them. They were babies and their father was filming it all.

"Field," Evgeny Grinko

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Doing his homework late in the evening with her sister's music in the background one stormy day, back when they were in their home.

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