Hello Beautiful People 馃挅

The crazy idea occurred to me to make special of "If I Were a", I admit that I spent the last half hour seeing articles, fabulous by certain and it occurred to me to do some ... Get me out of this quarantine, I'm bored !!
inspired by

鈽革笍Real Name: Mary Bonny
鈽革笍Pirate Name: Captain Bonny
鈽革笍Age: 28


Image by tenderly eyes, girl, and blonde image aesthetic, fashion, and fingers image keira knightley, pirates of the caribbean, and pirate image
Long blonde curly hair/Heterochromia eyes/Tattos


business, dark nights, and fortunes image quotes image quotes, young, and words image quotes, aesthetic, and text image
Crabby / Distrustful / Intelligent / Calculator / Sarcastic / Honest / Independent / Brave


pirate image Abusive image clothes image shoes image


Image by Private User sea, house, and view image boat, sail, and ship image Image by Jessica

Role On The Ship/Hobbies

map, travel, and adventure image gold, pirates, and treasure image book, hair, and indie image daggers, vintage, and health image
Captain of the ship/Sword Practice / Reading / Business / Make maps to hide the gold

The Crew

makeup image Image by 嗉勦粙啵-:mandy郯 輬輬-輫
Margaret Jones/Lieutenant
Image by Chloe badass, writing, and writing inspiration image
Image removed boat and sail image
Rhys O'Sullivan/Official
girl, hair, and brunette image the last kingdom and isult image
Poppy Walsh/ Pirate
bun, Hot, and tattoo image aesthetic, ocean, and mermaid image
Jacob Roberts/ Pirate
hair, hairstyle, and braid image black sails image
Ava Davies/Pirate
鈽革笍Mary considers herself a free soul and therefore loves freely (when her heart lets her love), she has suffered a lot and has been betrayed. She believes that all men of royalty or nearby are lying pigs, but by twists of fate she meets a commodore in the service of the British Empire. But due to an accident on her boat, he ends up at the feet of Captain Bonny, where after almost killing each other for obvious differences, a small spark is born that will end up being a fire of passion and love ...鈽革笍

Love Interest

Image by Private User Image by Private User Image by shea m. hot guys and dream guys image
Thomas Evans

I hope you liked it, stay safe! xx