I'm really into astrology, so I decided to write a whole series about each zodiac sign, explaining everything for each planet; which means this can apply to you, even if your sun sign is not aries.

โœง element โœง
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Just like any fire sign, aries can be explosive, they often need attention all the time and they are fast. With anything. They get really mad quickly, but forget and forgive fast as well. And they want everybody to follow them. They hate people who are slow, people who keep regrets and people who don't move on.

โœง modality โœง
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The cardinal signs are the ones who take actions. They're the first ones of each season of the year, symbolizing leadership. That means they love being in charge and can be really outgoing. They love starting new projects and trying out different things.

โœง ruling planet โœง
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Mars is the planet of war, anger and passion. Aries incorporate these in their daily lives. Everything they do is in a passionate way. A simple spark is the only thing needed for them to claim a war.

โœง symbol โœง
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โ™ˆ๏ธŽ - the ram

Like rams, aries put everything into fights and challenges. They never hesitate and sometimes there isn't even a reson. They just wanna win. That's it.

โœง compatibility โœง
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fire and air signs

To see if some sign is compatible, you simply have to check its polarity. Same polarities mean that they are, while different ones mean they're not. Fire (aries, leo and sagittarius) and air (gemini, libra and aquarius) signs have a positive polarity; so, these are the ones aries is compatible with.

Also, their astral paradise (people who they tend to like, admire and feel attracted to) is leo, while their astral hell is pisces. And their complementary sign is libra.

โœง numbers โœง
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The sun transits through the aries constellation from march 21st to april 20th, even though the exact days can change a little according to the year.

The constellation is in the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (0ยฐ โ‰ค ฮป < 30ยฐ).

Since aries is the first sign of the zodiac, its house is the 1st and their lucky number is 9.

โœง sun in aries โœง
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Having your sun in aries means that your basic personality is full of aries traits, such as loyalty, energy and forcefulness. However, you're not going to have only the huge influence of aries in your life. Since your sun is in aries and the ruling planet of aries is mars; this means you should also pay extra attention to your mars sign, which will also impact you more than the others.

โœง moon in aries โœง
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Your moon is the way you deal with emotions; if yours is in aries, then you obviously are gonna deal with them and feel them in an aries way. This means you will feel everything intensely. For you, there isn't a mid-term. You can also be quite explosive and impulsive when something that has an emotional impact on you happens.

โœง rising in aries โœง
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Your rising is the first impression you make and usually how you socially behave. An aries rising means that you seem to be tough and brave at first, which may not be true. You also can seem a bit rude and cocky when meeting new people, but you don't really care.

โœง mercury in aries โœง
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Your mercury sign determines how you think and communicate. So, basically, you do both pretty fast and energetically. Usually, the mistakes you make are caused by this rush when thinking, and you can often change your opinions, since you don't reflect about things that much before expressing yourself.

โœง venus in aries โœง
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Venus is basically how you behave in romantic situations. People whose venus is in aries tend to conquer others instead of being conquered; they like to make the first move and they both, fall in love and forget people pretty fast. An advice for those who have a crush on someone with aries as venus sign, is to let they think they got you. Tell them sincerely that you like them and wait, cause they will probably like you back. And then play it a little hard, cause they like challenges, but not too hard cause they'll get bored of you.

โœง mars in aries โœง
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Mars represents your inner strength; people often call it your 'inner warrior'. Since aries is actually ruled by mars, this means you can handle anything. If your mars is in aries, then you'll have many traits of it as well. You don't fear anything, you're not scared of confrontation, you take no sh*t.

โœง jupiter in aries โœง
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Jupiter represents lucky, optimism, your faiths and beliefs. Aries here means you probably develop more and better through new experiences. You'll be better if you believe in yourself and in your opinions. Also, professionally you prefer to be your own boss.

โœง saturn in aries โœง
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Saturn is your professional life, ambitions and discipline. People with aries here are extremely ambitious and will never rest until they get what they want. It also means you're usually independent and highly prefer working alone or commanding other people.

โœง uranus in aries โœง
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Uranus is related to change; either if you wanna change, or how you do so. Uranus in aries means that you actually take action to change and don't wait for it to happen. They're also natural rebels, what makes them want to change (not only themselves) even more.

โœง neptune in aries โœง
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Your neptune sign determines your imagination, dreams and intuition. People with it in aries just need a spark to give flow to all their creativity.

โœง pluto in aries โœง
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Pluto is how you grow. Having it in aries means that you grow from actions and experience. It is also common for them to be in a rush to develop and find their passions.

that's it <3 stay safe

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