hey guys!!

welcome to another article!
so for today’s article i’m writing about something that i’m struggling with or used to.
unfortunately i struggle with more than one thing and i’ll list some of them for you.


socializing as always been something kinda hard for me! i’m a very shy girl and it’s really hard to open for other people, knowing them or not. every time i go out for the first time with someone i don’t talk much, which sometime makes difficult to met people… nowadays things are different, i’m still shy af but i’ve improved which is really good.

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Speaking in public

i struggle with speaking in public since ever! like i said before, i’m really shy, and every time i need to do an oral presentation at school or talk in front of people i just get nervous af. this is something i want to change but unfortunately it isn't that easy.

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if there’s something i don’t talk or have a lot of difficult to talk about are feelings! specially MY FEELINGS! i always keep everything for myself because i’m afraid of hurting people or hurting my self! funny thing: don’t talk about feelings, hurts even more!

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another thing i struggle a lot is the future! i know what i want my future to be! i have a 10 years plan for my life, but it scares me think that maybe i won’t be able to achieve everything i’ve plan and worst, it scares me that i can’t make my parents proud!

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Body Image

last but not less important! when i was young, i used to have issues with my body. back then, the girls around my age used to have great bodies, like nice boobs and booty, otherwise me, i always had small boobs and booty, and that was a problem for me, because i thought that was the only thing that matter and that would make me be a beautiful girl.
right now, that doesn’t bothers me anymore! i realize that’s not what really matters and that i’m much more than the size of my boobs and booty.

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well, it’s everything for today! thank you for reading! i’ll come back soon with more
xx s. 👼🏼

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