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It is me with another post ! Welcome back to my page and thank you for reading my article beforehand :)

Today, I'm going to talk about veganism and why it is not just a mere "avoiding anything that has animal products in it", as well as some few tips on veganism that you could use to start your journey, so I hope I meet you there too !

It has been a month since I started this journey, and I have to say, I'm loving it !

(I will talk about how and why I went vegan in another post !)

In fact, going vegan has taught me more than just not consuming meat. For instance, It feels like a self-discipline; it has made me show more kindness me vis a vis animals and more appreciation for plants. On this journey, I'm not only learning about the various alternative uses to plant based food which I didn't know about, but I'm also being more open about my feelings and it is teaching me how to make my well being a priority by consciously creating a constraint for myself.

Going Vegan has taught me how to appreciate myself and life better, and to show gratitude for the little things in life<

So on that note, I will be sharing this special trick which I have learnt in this exciting journey !

- Make a vegan meal plans inspired from food from different countries:

A lot of people think being vegan means condemning your food to become boring and flavorless. Plus, to them, the idea of change may be thrilling at first, but it soon becomes a chore when they have to abstain from giving in to their temptations.

Ah, that is such a headache!

To avoid falling in that endless maze of overthinking, I recommend you learn to focus on the lessons this journey is teaching you ,and the effects it has on your body. In other words, be observant to how your body reacts and how you feel about this change, Track your progress, and BE CREATIVE.

For example, I love traveling and I have always been a fan of the local food and trying new things in my adventures. Hence, what I do is create a meal plan week where I only eat vegan meals from a certain country.

In this sense, by a month, you will have eaten vegan meals from 4 different countries !

Of course, there are many ways to being creative , but this is one of my favorite ideas which I have come up with!

Sorry TT That was short >.< but I will be coming with more similar articles in the future as I go on. Plus, this seemed like a good way of journaling and sharing my journey with you !