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I really like astrology and I found this article and I liked it a lot


♌︎ leo sun

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1. do you like things being your way?
I'm a little bossy sometimes, so i do

2. are you loud?
no because i'm a little shy

3. do you yell a lot?
just when i'm really angry

4. do you like bragging about yourself?
honestly, i do

5. do you change your opinion fast?
no, cause i'm very stubborn

6. are you honest with others?
yes, i am

7. are you afraid of speaking your opinion?
no way

8. are you emotional?
yes, 100%. i'm a real drama queen

9. which sign do you find falling for the most?
aquarius and sagittarius

10. can you keep secrets?
yes cause in my opinion it's a way to show respect for otheres

♒︎ aquarius moon

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1. do you like spilling tea?
sometimes i do

2. are you funny?
people say i am, but i'm not sure

3. do you like gossiping?
it depends

4. do you speak your opinion often?
yes, do

5. do you like to have the lead word?

6. are you loyal?
a lot

7. what zodiac sign do you dislike?
gemini and virgo

8. do you like getting attention?

9. are you communicative?
yes, i talk a lot

10. are you out going?
i think so

♑︎ capricorn rising

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1. do you like to look at yourself?
mostly, i do

2. do you trust people easily?
no, i don't and this is a problem

3. do you like everything to be clean and perfect?
yes, i love when things are organized

4. are you secretive?
yes and i hate it

5. do you adapt to new stuff easily?
yes, i love to do new things

6. do you get comfortable with new people fast?
if we’ve got something thing in common, i do

7. are you communicative?
yes, i am

8. are you good with words?
i am better writing than talking, but i kinda am

9. do you being the center of attention?
yes, i love it

10. do you laugh easily?
yes, i laugh at everything

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