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This is a new series I wanted to start on WHI where I take excerpts from my diary and post them. I typically have a hard time falling asleep because of how loud my thoughts can get and so I write them down in a little notebook so that it can escape my brain. Here’s an excerpt from one of my writings a few days ago:

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Written July 18, 2020 and 11:56PM

I was making coffee, yes at almost midnight, but it hit me that we’re all going to die at the end. This isn’t meant to be depressing, but we literally all die at the end. So please, can we just lie for ourselves instead of doing what makes us unhappy for the sake of people who don’t care about our wellbeing?

Just do whatever you want. I’m not saying rape or murder, or steal, or anything like that, but let yourself love, let yourself get treated like a queen. Hook up with that one person. Go on late night drives with your friends and watch the sunrise on the beach or the mountains. Buy that purse or pair of shoes or shirt you want. Wear whatever you want. Study whatever you want, and if you don’t want to be in school because school isn't for you, then that's okay too. Get that tattoo. Go to the party. Color your hair whatever or however you want. Travel as much as you can. Learn about your heritage. Learn about others’ heritage. Fight for your people. Be on the right side of justice. Go to the concert you want to go to. Pull that all-nighter.

Just DO it. Live for yourself. That is a LIFE CHANGER. Stop relying on others. This is YOUR LIFE. Why are we conditioned to live for others and be miserable?