Hey guys!

Since yesterday (25.07.2020) Peter Green, a founing member of my favorite band Fleetwood Mac, passed away, I'd like to present you 10 of my favorite songs of his era and of the Fleetwood Mac, when Stevie and Lindsay joined the band. <3

Here's the link to the Spotify-playlist I created:


10. Cold Black Night

aesthetic, alternative, and art image adventure, exciting, and night image
A song of their debut album, with beautiful slide-guitar riffs.

9. Seven Wonders

fleetwood mac, gif, and Seven Wonders image fleetwood mac, floral, and flowers image
A powerful song, beautifully sung by Stevie and Chirstine!

8. Albatross

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An instrumental tune with a super sweet guitar sound, it sounds very relaxing.

7. Jewel Eyed Judy

eye, beautiful, and diamond image
I love Peter's singing on this one and the guitar riff in the chorus is really powerful and expresses the feelings of the protagonst very well!

6. Dreams

crystal ball, drawing, and dreams image aesthetic, dreams, and gif image
I just love the lyrics and over all vibe of the song <3

5. Sara

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Just an overall stunning composition


stevie nicks and fleetwood mac image dark, quotes, and Darkness image
A beautiful ballad to relax to and dream about the fairytale Stevie is singing about.


aging, fleetwood mac, and landslide image black and white, fleetwood mac, and poem image
I love the message behind the song and it helped me going through a little crisis after my A-Levels!

2.Jumping At Shadows

aesthetic, body, and cyber image
The songs starts slowly but is gradually building tension and the guitar sounds beautiful!

1. Black Magic Woman

tarot and witch image moon, witch, and art image
Many believe this song is written by Carlos Santana but it was Peter Green, who wrote it originally! The guitar solos are iconic and harder to play as you may think, I've struggeled practicing them but it was totally worth it! <3

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about my music taste and maybe this article will encourage you to explore the broad variety of Fleetwood Mac's songs!

Love ya'll,
Lina <3