If you feel like you have to go in another direction
ok i'm ready to forgive
because your words and your actions never coincide,
you can get lost in the short path of lies
but I don't want you to die far from home
but I also cannot repair it with this state of denial
the things you've broken when you said goodbye
like I'm a liar and don't know where you're going
I am very far from your future and many kilometers from being well
you're not the only ghost i'm going to beat
frailty and low self-esteem are on the way to help.

So tell me what it feels like to lose me
I don't have so many expectations,
I already lost them yesterday
But the pressure makes me fall on you again
I tell you how it feels to lose you
I lost myself more for no reason
Who do you think you are to come running among my memories?
Who do you believe to become strong every time I am in your arms?
all dead illusions dissolve into tears
I realize that I am off the radar
And I'm back in the habit of wondering who the fuck I am.

I will have illusions that you are still in love with me
the moon confuses those who see it
drives them crazy, doesn't follow them anywhere
but your name affects me every time I see the sky
And I will remember your words on October nights
I never let you go so stop blaming me
like I'm the one looking the other way
You should already know where "I love you" points
promises that resisted me to love you
it's easy to dive like before
if self-destruction was a constant habit.

And now I know that I hate you, but I love you
I know I never told you "I love you"
How could I say it if you didn't let me feel it
it is better to disappear now, to see yourself happy with someone else
I see you look in the mirror, you are a big fan of your body
How do you fit so many lies in so little bottle?
I was busy being yours to compare myself
for someone you already had in your past life
You used me to forget her, but it's late
we are at the peak of self-destruction
All I do is screw up your life.

Now I kill time, I do the best I know how to do
I count days and pay a price for my confession
I wanted to be your partner at 23 years old
What happened to the love of this servant?
You say you have a relationship since we met
Look how I laugh with the lump in my throat
the lamb was received as an offering
my early resurrection occurs in times of depression
Where every flashback explodes every time I hear your name
you never know what I'm talking about
because you are never to blame if the sacrifice was me.

Thanks for reminding me that I'm not good,
my caresses are cold, my words are not honest
my conversations are boring
everything I do is not good,
Can you teach me how to do it?
I don't want to hurt you, believe me
because if you are the victim you will be hurt again
your big ego grows together with your label of faithful man
I'm right? Or do you need your mother back?
your father should be here
and see that much of what you are, you inherited from him.