here is what i'm holding on to in life...


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i received an email saying my application for gav continues which is good news.
i am also preparing to pass the tests for sog.
i will maybe do the two weeks of school for the reserve if i am still not in the school for gav.
i cannot wait to learn and grow. it's my passion. my entire life turns around law enforcement.


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i do bodybuilding and i work my whole body. i noticed i'm thiner.
i keep doing krav maga and kickboxing because they are my favorite sports.
sometimes i swim.
i'm still working on improving my handstand and my splits.
i finally started running in order to be better in the gendarmerie.
my lifestyle is great in all areas.


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i was hurt for several weeks because i had feelings for someone which is something that never happened before with the others and it's almost like he rejected me. i did not know him for a long time but i was already sad and i cried because he did not give me attention by message while a really interested guy would answer fast. even though we spent amazing times together and i still have hope, i have to let him go.

however, i thank him because i understood that i fall in love with a personality and not a body or a job.
i also realized that i'm now ready to engage on a long term, especially that soon i'll leave town to do the job i love and i will be more stable and independent.

my man should respect everyone, communicate, be a 100% honest, intelligent, do sport, be disciplined, have a healthy lifestyle, be brave, confident, nice and sweet.
and of course, i have to be in love.

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my personality

by having specific goals like becoming a certain person you will be more likely to one day be that person than somebody who evolves randomly.

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i am a cop, i do a lot of sport, i am independant and very respectful and respected.
i have a hectic life but i like it because i like challenge and evolution.
i am mentally very strong, not afraid to talk, my voice never shakes, i am lucid in every moment, i control my emotions, i am bossy but caring and brave.

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i hope in the next article i'll be a cop. <3