I’m going to teach you today on how I do niche memes!

Apps you will need:
⁃ Picsart
⁃ Phonto
⁃ Polarr

The font you will need:
⁃ CoolveticaRg-Regular (I got this font from dafont.com

Ok let’s get started!

1. Open Phonto. We will start with a plain white background that is square cropped. On the top of the image you will write a title (examples; trends I love, trends I hate, if my cat was a human, etc). Remember to use the specific font!

2. Save the image and go into picsart. If you are new to picsart, there is a plus at the bottom of the screen, click that and you’ll see you photos. Click your most recent photo.

3. Click “stickers” at the bottom and search “niche pngs.” Rearrange them on the photo in the tightest way possible (think of it as a puzzle, you can’t have any empty areas). If you do have empty areas, fill them with a sparkle emoji.

4. Save the creation and go back to phonto.

5. Open the new photo and put things that relate to the title. (look at the cover image of this article as an example!) The text box “style” for each of them should be:
⁃ Text color: white
⁃ Stroke color: black
⁃ Stroke width: 1
⁃ Background color: Light Grey
⁃ Alpha: 0.60

6. Save image and go to polarr.

7. Go to “custom” and click “import style”. PLEASE NOTE: you must have a polarr account for this, and you need to have this image saved:https://picsart.com/i/331747325018201

8. Click on the polarr image you saved, and now you have my custom filter!

9. Use the filter on the image, and the style strength should be 20.

You made a niche meme! I hoped this article helped. If you want to see more examples of a niche meme, click here: https://picsart.com/kermits-niches

Have a great day!