Hello boys and girls,

and welcome back to a new article. I wrote my last final exam last week and after that, my friends and I wrote stuff on a piece of paper what we want to do with our free life now :) I hope you'll find some inspiration for your own summer bucket list. And with all that said, grab some cookies and a cup of tea and let's get started.

P.S: The German government allows it to meet 10 people at a time and I only do stuff with my closest friends, so please look at the pandemic rules of your own country!

Sleeping Outdoor
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I have never slept outside without a tent or a ceiling over me before, which is why my friends and I think we have to change this. We planned on sleeping on a balcony, in a garden or in nature with a hammock because some of our friends know some trees in our forest that are perfect for hammocks :)

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We planned to go on a camping trip last summer, but we had some struggles with the age permissions of the camping ground so we had to quit it. This year we want to just search for a place on a field or at a lake where no one would care if we are all 18 and if we can't find one then we do some garden camping.

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For a period of time, I felt weird writing about parties and alcohol but now I am like. I am over 16 so I am allowed to drink and do whatever I want with my life and if you can't deal with it then scroll away <3 We just want to enjoy our spare time in freedom while having fun with a beer in one hand and in the other the hand of a good friend.

bff, hammock, and laugh image

I don't know the context why we wrote this down but as you can guess we are obsessed with hammocks.

campfire, camping, and fire image

The majority of my friends are vegetarians or vegans so you can't find a lot of meat on our grill but a lot of vegan burgers and veggies that are the most delicious thing in the world and after eating a person (me :) will play 2010 pop and old rock songs on the guitar.

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Starting with an Ipanema in the sun and ending with a caipirinha on the dance floor.

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I am living nearby the alps where we have some really cool climbing parks that are also not very expensive. I am used doing stuff like that with my family but I can imagine that it will be also a lot of fun with my friends shouting to each other that it is impossible to get their unfit ass over this five-inch piece of wood.

Munich tour
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I have been to Munich several times before, however only to do some shopping, to visit a museum or with my family but I have never visited the whole city. When I am in Munich I know the different sightseeings but when it comes to where they lay or how to get there I NEED Google Maps. The fact that I know Hamburg, which is eight hours away from my hometown, better than Munich, that is only half an hour away is kinda sad. We thought about renting some bikes and then cruise through the city. Let's see if I will write a little travel guide about it then ;).

ikea and photo image

I don't know why IKEA has this cool vibe because it is only a fucking furniture store but since we have been in Hamburg with our class and we dumbass kids tried to get free food with judging five different sofas and succeded, we love IKEA.

Swimming in the night
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We swam in dark only underwear last year after our last day of school, which was pretty amazing. Now we think about going one step further if you know what I mean ...

Boat tour

We went on a boat tour last fall with a boat that was more a swimming pool than a boat. Okay, it was also only meant for two people and not for fore so it was more under than over water :). Otherwise, it was so funny because it just was an amazing wett adventure as you can find it in some books.

Pedal boat
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We have some lakes in the area around my city that are perfect for having a picnic on a pedal boat <3.

hiking, nature, and Dream image

As I said before I live nearby the alps and if you want to go on a hike you just need to jump in a train sit down for 20 minutes, step out and you are surrounded by mountains that only wait for you to explore them. And what can be a better feeling than drinking a cold coke on the top?

Movie night
Breakfast at Tiffany's, movie, and pizza image

Wow, an indoor activity! Right now I am pretty surprised that there are so many outdoor activities because we are really not that active. We usually are more the type of people that play games, watch a movie and go swimming with chips, and no I am not joking because last week we went swimming with chips and ate the whole package on a platform in the water:)

Outdoor cinema
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With the Corona Situation right now some cinemas offer outdoor film festivals which are freaking amazing! I will also work for fore days at the camping ground of a summer camp where I will renovate some stuff and paint colourful shit on walls. As if creating a complete new camping ground wouldn't be enough fun we will additionally do an outdoor cinema and plan some new games for the following years.

breakfast, girls, and sun image

I don't know if we can put a tick behind this because we did around three brunches in the last 10 days, but I personly have nothing against eating more pancakes.

Swimming Pool

Some of the swimming pools in my area are reopening right now, what I find so refreshing because I think that eating fries while watching boys doing backflips from the diving platform is a little sign of normality that gives me hope that this shit will hopefully be over soon.

Learn to Skate or Roller Skate
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I love the trend of skating and roller skating. I don't think that I am going to become very good in it but I feel cool if I can stand on a board without falling and let's be real skater boys are freaking hot...

goals, punk, and squad image

With the Corona situation, it is right now a little bit difficult to go on partys but I am okay if my friends and I get some drinks, switch the light off, turn on my disco lights and play catchy music.

Draw Outside
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We all love to draw and sometimes we even draw together. Drawing outside has such a cool vibe especially if you are drawing, for example, a flower that you found or the scenery around you.

Having a Summer Flirt
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First I thought that this would never happen this summer but my friends it happened. When you want to be precise it happened yesterday on my graduation party with some alcohol in blood but it was actually kinda good however now my thoughts are riding a rollercoaster.

Water battle
balloons and colors image

I did this as a kid a lot, it was a little ritual for me to celebrate summer, so I hope I can continue this tradition.

flowers, aesthetic, and nature image

I think that is the perfect sentence to end this article. I hope you could collect some inspiration. What are your plans for the summer? I am excited to see you soon <3 and untile that...

Please stay creative, fancy and wonderful
Love ya Lola <3
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