hey there :')

i hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves. something that helps me when i am feeling down and like a puddle is listening to my crying playlist. crying is theraputic for me and music just helps make me feel connected to something or even someone. i hope this playlist helps you feel that way too <3 and just know crying is okay and things will get better in time.

here's the link to my CRYBABY playlist:


and these are a few honorable mentions:
(trust me, i have cried to ALL of these songs aha)

art, pink, and blue image
asleep by the smiths
Image by Dan Veldhuizen
o children by nick cave & the bad seeds
space and universe image
heaven by clairo
Temporarily removed
helplessly hoping by crosby, stills & nash
lights, car, and night image
how it ends by devotchka
Fifth Element, girl, and movies image
my body is a cage by arcade fire
fire, blue, and hand image
pain by silk rhodes
00s, 90s, and acid image
when you were made by the growlers
planet, space, and saturn image
nude by radiohead

my space inspired collection:

xoxo nelly :')