Hey ! I will do something different. I haven't travelled to many cities, but I have been to some one two continents, Europe and North America. So here is me rating them ! I will only talk of the biggest cities

1. Paris, France

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Paris is my home city. I've lived here most of my life. And I must say, I really love it. It's kind of strange to see how touristic this city is, with COVID recently it feels so empty ! But well, it's beautiful, very unique, with many monuments. It's dirty, toh. So I would say...


2. Marseille, France

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I've been here for the first time this summer ! It is very charming, perfect for summer. Of course, not all of the city is beautiful, but it's still an extremely good travel destination, do not hesitate.


3. Le Havre, France

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My relationship with this city is weird. It's beautiful and ugly at the same time. I love industrial aesthetic and brutalism which Le Havre is full off. I also have some of my best friends here. The city has a very interesting history, but it's kind of ugly to be honest. If you go to Normandy, you should go to Etretat. It's beautiful.


4. Rome, Italy

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Rome ! I love it ! It is so beautiful ! It's by far one of my favorite city I've been to. Beautiful, culturally rich, very busy, very unique. So many beautiful views to find. I could not recommand you visit this city enough.


5. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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Barcelona has definitely a charm. I've been here twice, and each time I felt just good to walk into the city. Some of the architecture of this place is remarquable, I loved most of Gaudi's work. I only have to criticize that almost all of the monuments here are... very expensive.


6. Munich, Germany

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Munich is so fun ! I have only good memories of the city. A friend of my father wanted to take me to the beer festival. I want to do that some day. Nice city, fun, very pretty traditional german architecture, the history of this city is unfortunately very loaded.


7. Brussels, Belgium

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French and Belgians are french-speaking friends. Brussels is also a very charming city, busy and with a nice Art Nouveau architecture and some beautiful views, as well as kind of strange monuments. The city deserve more praise in my opinion !


8. Talinn, Estonia

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Tallinn is very pretty ! I've never really heard of the city before getting there but I was charmed. I especially enjoyed the old city, which is beautiful and feels so warm. I absolutely love the small amber trees.


9. Miami, United States of America

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I... did not really enjoy Miami ? I don't know, it is very pretty around Miami beach but I was not really conviced for the rest... sorry. Maybe I should be richer if I wanted to enjoy it more...


Here it is !! All of it is my opinion of courser. I'm supposed to go see Berlin soon. I can't wait.