Hello sweeties!

WOW 10 YEARS! Every time I remember that, I almost go crazy! It went by so fast, but at the same time it was SO many incredible moments, I have a lot to thank 1D for all this! Anyway, I'm a little late, but I did this tag anyway...

Hope you enjoy it :)


- Favorite Member

zayn, zayn malik, and boy image black and white, bw, and photoshoot image

- First song you heard

one direction, 1d, and liam payne image Image by S.🐞
What makes you beautiful

- Favorite album

Image removed Image removed
Midnight memories

- Top 3 of my favorite music video

one direction, zayn malik, and liam payne image
One way or another

gif, haïr, and hipster image
Night changes

one direction, niall horan, and zayn malik image
Kiss you

- Top 3 songs from Up All Night

taken, up all night, and 1d image

up all night, liam payne, and niall horan image
Tell me a lie

life, 1d, and love image

- Top 3 songs from Take Me Home

love, quote, and one direction image
Loved you first

kiss, love, and quotes image
Last first kiss

music, Lyrics, and 1d image
Change my mind

- Top 3 songs from Midnight Memories

Lyrics, music, and pic image
Right now

black, true, and white image
Half a heart

1d image
Something great

- My top 3 from Four

direction, four, and song image

blue, night, and dark image
Fool's gold

aesthetic, black and white, and heart break image
Night changes

- My top 3 songs from Made In The A.M.

edit, home, and layout image
Home (not exactly on the album, but...)

louis, 1d, and niall image
Walking in the wind

brokenheart, romance, and 1d image

- Most underrated song

couple, song, and love image
What a feeling

- Most overrated song

baby pink, bambi, and heart image blue and love image
Never enough

- Favorite solo career

soft, cute, and black and white image Harry Styles, gucci, and one direction image

- Favorite Harry song

Harry Styles, one direction, and boy image
Two ghosts

- Favorite Niall song

album, flicker, and lyric image
Fire away

- Favorite Zayn song

aesthetic, alternative, and boho image aesthetic, alternative, and boho image
FOol fOr YoU

- Favorite Louis song

beige, headers, and heart image
Don't let it break your heart

- Favorite Liam song

Hmmm... Liam songs are not my style, so I don't have a favorite one :/


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