Hi there!♡ I have been obsessed with this album since it came out... it has been on repeat, no joke. If you haven't listened to it, please do yourself a favor and go right now.

the 1

Image by ༄໋࣭࣭:mandy۰ ݈݈-݇ fountain, water, and light image hands, water, and aesthetic image couple, looking for alaska, and love image
it would have been fun, if you would have been the one


beach, cardigan, and hug image Image removed aesthetic, shadow, and sunlight image love, couple, and kiss image
I knew you'd miss me once the thrill expired, and you'd be standing in my front porch light

the last great american dynasty

wallpaper, aesthetic, and ocean image Image by Anna Grace beautiful, bride, and marriage image aesthetic, drink, and wine image
who knows , if she never showed up what could have been

exile (feat. Bon Iver)

love, couple, and flowers image sad, cry, and grunge image lake and landscape image Tuck Everlasting, couple, and alexis bledel image
you were my town, now I'm in exile seein' you out

my tears ricochet

aesthetic, shadow, and polaroid image Image removed art, beauty, and for you image aesthetic, air, and beautiful image
even on my worst day, did I deserve, babe, all the hell you gave me? 'cause I loved you, I swear I loved you


fall, hair, and sweater image artsy, beach, and blue sky image Image by Zoki Poki Net kennedy walsh and friends image
I'm still trying everything to keep you looking at me


beauty, colors, and yellow image aesthetic, artsy, and creek image couple and love image summer, travelphotography, and travel image
love you to the moon and to Saturn. passed down like folk songs, the love lasts so long


aesthetic image coffee, beach, and sea image couple, girl, and kiss image beach, wine, and sunset image
so much for summer love, and saying "us", 'cause you weren't mine to lose

this is me trying

couple, vintage, and black and white image aesthetic, flowers, and last image beach, smile, and couple image holding hands, Relationship, and vintage image
it's hard to be anywhere these days, when all I want is you

illicit affairs

love, couple, and tattoo image black, boy, and celebrity image girl, aesthetic, and photography image beautiful, fancy, and flowers image
you showed me colors you know I can't see with anyone else

invisible string

car, couple, and kiss image food, shop, and yogurt image flowers, girl, and nature image aesthetic, beautiful, and boy image
isn't it just pretty to think all along there was somo invisible string tying to me?

mad woman

black and white, girl, and photography image road, roadtrip, and trees image fire and smoke image girl, grunge, and run image
I'm taking my time (...) 'cause you took everything from me, watching you climb (...) over people like me


girl, beach, and sunset image aesthetic, city, and dark image aesthetic, kpop, and seoul image Image by kristymtureck
just one single gilmpse of relief to make some sense of what you've seen


boyfriend, chic, and couple image flowers, pink, and garden image Image by naszete couple, hug, and sweatshirt image
the only thing I wanna do is make it up to you


couple, photography, and vintage image house, beach, and nature image beautiful, colorful, and colors image city, couple, and light image
but the rain is always gonna come if you're standin' with me


beautiful, california, and cliffs image Image by Christine kiss, couple, and love image city, new york, and building image
"don't want no other shade of blue, but you. n other sadness in the world would do_

My favorite one is "betty" in case you are wondering.
I hope you liked this♡