hi, this is my first article, hope u like it <3

1. How long have you been writing?

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since i was 11, now im 16 <3

2. Why did you start writing?

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i needed an escape from reality, i wanted to portray in a piece of paper my most deep feelings.

3. Do you write (or used to write) fan fictions?

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i used to. i wrote some destiel, larry and drarry hehe.

4. Wich genre do you like to write the most? (ex:fantasy, romance etc)

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its like romance, but i normally do it about a friendship more than a relationship.

5. Describe your writing in 5 words or images.

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tragic, mental issues, love, heartbreak and utopia

6. What do you outline before writing a story? (plot, characters, world etc.)

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main characters and plot. later i do the year it's based on, the city or the place, other characters, etc.

7. Wattpad or EFP?

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idk what efp is, so i'll go with wattpad

8. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

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my own life or my friends lives

9. Protagonist or Villan? Why?

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normally the protagonist has too much ego and its backstory its not my favorite. but some villains have an awesome backstory and they have "deep" feelings and stuff hehe

10. Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what genre?

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it depends on my mood

11.Happy or Sad ending?

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sad ending all the way

12. Favourite writer(s)?

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chris pueyo

13. If you feel confortable leave a piece of your book (or his plot) here.

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im pretty shy when it comes to showing what i write

- bee♡