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✉ : For today's article I want to share with you my top favorite anime female characters as I already did with the male version.

This article will feature strong female characters!

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❁ Michiko Malandro ❁

Anime: Michiko & Hatchin
Age: 26
Birthday: unknown
Zodiac: unknown
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Michiko is literally my favorite female anime character. Beside being a hot girl she is very courageous, bold and sometimes crazy. And that's what makes her amazing, she won't hesitate to fight anyone who messes up with her. I love Michiko.

❁ Akane Tsunemori ❁

Anime: Psycho-Pass
Age: 20 (1st season) 28 (3rd season)
Birthday: April 1
Zodiac: Aries
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So Akane was such a twist for me. Her appearance fooled me, in the beginning I though that she will be that cute and obedient character that doesn't do much, but I was so wrong. Akane is very determined, smart, strict and brave which I like a lot.

❁ Nezuko Kamado ❁

Anime: Demon Slayer
Age: 14
Birthday: December 28
Zodiac: Capricorn
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Nezuko became a demon but somehow managed to control herself and not eat humans which shows how strong she is. She might be cute on the outside but if you mess with her or her friends you'll be dead.

❁ Miwako Sakurada ❁

Anime: Paradise Kiss
Age: 20
Birthday: October 18
Zodiac: Libra
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Miwako has a bubbly personality. She is very very cute and smol :3 I don't know why but her character in general really attracts me, she's a good friend and lovely girlfriend.

❁ Mai Sakurajima ❁

Anime: Bunny Girl Senpai
Age: 17-18
Birthday: December 2
Zodiac: Sagittarius
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As much as I love Sakuta I love Mai as well. They are the perfect couple, seriously. Mai is just the best girlfriend, she's so caring and shy when it comes to romance, but so funny and cold when it comes to Sakuta's perv jokes.

❁ Chise Hatori ❁

Anime: Ancient Magu's Bride
Age: 16
Birthday: August 11
Zodiac: Leo
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Chise had a hard childhood, she went through a lot but managed to find her right path in life. Beside her very cute appearance (red hair and green eyes :3) I love her personality: kind, quiet and friendly.

❁ Mikasa Ackerman ❁

Anime: Attack on Titan
Age: 19
Birthday: February 10
Zodiac: Aquarius
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Okay but I love Eren and Mikasa so much. I just really love strong characters, especially girls because we don't meet them so often in anime. I like how Mikasa is so cold and serious most of the times but so cute and lovable when it comes to Eren or even Armin.

❁ Nana Osaki ❁

Anime: Nana
Age: 20
Birthday: March 5
Zodiac: Pisces
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Nana went through a lot as well. Her mother never loved her, her man died on her birthday, this is all too sad. So bad that the manga wasn't updated since 2009, I want the continuation:( But Nana managed to get over all this.

❁ Esdeath ❁

Anime: Akame ga Kill
Age: early 20s
Birthday: unknown
Zodiac: unknown
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anime girl, gif, and cute image
Oh right, she's a villain but with a good heart, in a way. I didn't like her in the beginning, she even annoyed me. But now I really like Esdeath, she had her own reasons to fight but in the end she just wanted to be with her loved one, which is cute. Not to mention that she is hella strong.

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⤥ ℳ𝒚 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒍𝒆𝒔

⤥ ℳ𝒚 𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒕 𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒍𝒆

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✉ : So this was my list with my female anime crushes if I can say so. I hope ya'll are doing great and take good care of yourself. Bye!!

─ 𝐗𝐎, 𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐡 ♡
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