Hello world, this is my first non book-related article and I just wanted to share a little bit about me and my friend group.


brown hair, brunette, and cabelo image book, aesthetic, and beige image flowers, aesthetic, and green image aesthetics, math, and dark academia image
Book lover / math nerd / wavy hair / likes nature & animals


Image by arzu Image by Private User aesthetic, background, and fall out boy image exo, chanyeol, and kpop image
He's a softy & emo / fob fan / mostly drunk / perfectionist / colorful hair


lesbian, girl, and love image woman, girl, and feminism image girl, aesthetic, and blue image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
Harry <3 / feminist af / swimmer / lgbt+ / independent / revolutionary

Mer (me)

orange, aesthetic, and book image aesthetic, pink, and red image art, women, and female image fruit, peach, and orange image
CMBYN fan / artsy / daydreamer / glasses / reader & writer


Image removed donuts and food image love, couple, and beach image aesthetic, discover, and grunge image
Lovesick / princess / food is everything / sensitive / quirky

All the love, Mer.
Ps. Have a great day, remember you are beautiful.