You have a beautiful home with the most perfect son you could have ever asked for. All of your bills are paid on time, your home is clean, and your credit score is through the roof, all of your dreams are coming true.

You finally have time to fully work on yourself. Whether its taking a long bath, painting your nails, or taking a walk. You've never had your life this simple, you've made it.

But there's a problem. Your parents don't approve. The age difference is just "too great" in their eyes. They haven't met him, they refuse to see past their church beliefs, and honestly you've never been more disappointed. You cant change them, they wont listen, and now its time to give up and start being happy. Time to take a step forward into a new direction.


You've realized that it doesn't matter what others say, do, or see. Your life is yours. You truly become happy when you let go of everything and everyone that makes you think your doing it wrong. Its simple, let go of the bad and you will find the good everywhere you go! Do you. Screw the haters.


I almost was a disappointment but I decided to live my life for myself. The only person who I can be a disappointment to is myself. No one else cares, even if they try to. Stop living life for others.

Don't let anyone ever tell you how to feel. Happiness comes in all different ways. I'm truly blessed to have such a beautiful family. Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay YOU.