So bts did a vlive talking about their August 21st Pre-Release single an english song, going to be like MIC DROP? uh yeah i hope isn't a collaboration with B lister or from someone we know nothing about since 2010 .. I dont know if that's true or not because you know mistranslations? I'm not gagging over the news maybe because for my whole army career, i wasn't that type of fan to just scream at everything bts did. Anyways, Blackpink's 2nd Pre-Release single is in August as well, with feature (i hope its Ariana not person like Dua Lipa). Which gives me anxiety because ARMYs & BLINKs will be up against each other like Square Up era and Tear era. I love bts and blackpink very much, but im scared everytime bts has a comeback in the same month as blackpink, armys get extra competitive and thats not cute look sis, because during bts's Japanese release of STAY GOLD, blackpink released HOW YOU LIKE THAT and armys felt threaten because blinks beat them in challenge of the "most streams in 24 hours" so they were planning shit before any word of next bts song. (i loved how bts did live talkin about it before armys knew, i love it here). ARMYs get little insane to prove their loyalty, which is dumb as fuck or they want to still keep that image up of being the best fandom in the world (um okay? sorry im so harsh but i really find army annoying sometimes when bts releases anything, because they get overly dramatic). I shouldn't focus on what fans do since i literally experience comebacks alone for this very reason. I'm not jumping up and down excited, maybe im just tired or tired of armys trying be to be like this "Never seen this before in any other group so obviously bts did it first" type mentality and the "BTS Supremacy" Bullshit the "Untouchable" bullshit as well. Anyways, I'm not living for it but im ready.