Name: Thalia Cooper
Nicknames: Tea & Lia
Star sign: Scorpio
Appearance: Hazel eyes, wavy black hair & medium tan skin

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Thalia is a kook and enjoys being one but she also envies the pogues freedom. Tea has two older brothers, so her parents tended to be more overprotective about her, they wouldn’t let her escale trees or pilot jet skis as a kid, like her brothers did and she wanted so badly to do. Thalia, Sarah and Kiara were an inseparable trio when kids until Sarah and Kie fought. Thalia didn’t want to choose a side, but she was never the type to leave a friend alone so she stood by Kiara’s leaving Sarah pissed. Kie and Tea’s friendship improved over the years and they are now best friends, they hang a lot together and tell each other everything, although Kiara doesn’t approve of her getting back to be friends with Sarah again and partying with shallow kooks. Lia met the boys surfing at the beach but only got closer to them after John B and Pope saved her from drowning on the day of The Hurricane Agatha, she was trying to catch a wave and luckily they had the same ideia. After she started hanging with the pogues, she was free to let her adventurous side come out and be who she wanted to be, with no rules.


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Charismatic, adventurous, cheerful, stubborn, loyal, friendly, confident, fun-loving, empathetic.



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John B & Pope

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JJ & Milla

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Love Interest:

Mike Rhodes

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Michael is a kook and he’s friends with Thea’s brothers, he takes care of his father’s Surf Shop in his free time. Tea and Mike met in childhood, they never got along very well and are constantly arguing, joking and being sarcastic around each other, apparently she is the only girl on the island who doesn't wanna sleep with him. He is only two years older than her, but enjoys telling Tea what to do and watches her get all red and angry in the process. When Tea’s surfboard got damaged in a secret adventure with the pogues, Mike is the only one who can help, and after spending alone time with him she realizes they have much in common she ever imagined. Their relationship develops along the first season and they start dating in season 2.


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Surfing, reading & partying.


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Midsummer Party:

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Season 2:

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In season two Tea will get in conflict with her parents and stand up for what she thinks is best for her. Thalia has a feeling that Sarah and John B are still alive and won’t rest until she and the pogues find them. She and Mike realise they can’t deny their feelings for each other anymore and start evolving romantically.

Her aesthetic:

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