I'm really obsessed with writing articles, so I decided to write it because why not? So, here we go. Also, if you want one, just dm me <3

✧ sun: gemini ✧
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☽ element: air
☽ mode: mutable
☽ ruled by: mercury
☽ sun: basic personality
☽ traits: optimistic, intellectual and communicative
✧ moon: sagittarius ✧
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☽ element: fire
☽ mode: mutable
☽ ruled by: jupiter
☽ moon: how you deal with emotions
☽ traits: they're often energetic, carefree and adventurous
✧ rising: capricorn ✧
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☽ element: earth
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: saturn
☽ rising: the first impression you make
☽ traits: you seem reserved, responsible and practical
✧ mercury: cancer ✧
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☽ element: water
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: moon
☽ mercury: the way you think and communicate
☽ traits: you let your emotions influence your thoughts; you prefer familiar ideas and you tend not to think clear if you're emotionally unstable
✧ venus: cancer ✧
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☽ element: water
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: moon
☽ venus: your affectionate and romantic life
☽ traits: you're very sensitive when it comes to romance; you like to show affection and you praise a lot for commitment
✧ mars: aries ✧
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☽ element: fire
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: mars
☽ mars: your inner strength
☽ traits: you're passionate, you're often competitive and have a fast temper
✧ jupiter: libra ✧
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☽ element: air
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: venus
☽ jupiter: your faiths, beliefs, lucky and optimism
☽ traits: you're fair when judging, you're indecisive to make up your mind, you prefer to compromise rather than do anything that can possibly make you lonely
✧ saturn: cancer ✧
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☽ element: water
☽ mode: cardinal
☽ ruled by: moon
☽ saturn: your professional life, ambitions and discipline
☽ traits: you praise for emotional security, you probably have trust issues, it's hard for you to lose self-control
✧ uranus: pisces ✧
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☽ element: water
☽ mode: mutable
☽ ruled by: neptune
☽ uranus: how you adapt to change
☽ traits: you're extremely idealistic and you want to change goals and aspirations before anything else
✧ neptune: aquarius ✧
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☽ element: air
☽ mode: fixed
☽ ruled by: uranus
☽ neptune: your dreams, intuitions and imagination
☽ traits: you have an urge to change, you're very analytical and you find new inspirations easily
✧ pluto: sagittarius ✧
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☽ element: fire
☽ mode: mutable
☽ ruled by: jupiter
☽ pluto: how you grow
☽ traits: you want to change every aspect of our world, you see the problems with the traditional manners and you wanna change it
✧ some facts ✧
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☽ biggest influence: gemini, capricorn and cancer. gemini because it's your sun sign; capricorn because it's your rising. Gemini is ruled by mercury, which means this planet has a bigger impact on your life than the others; since your mercury is in cancer, you'll also have many traits of it.
☽ elements:
- 37% water
- 27% fire
- 27% air
- 9% earth
☽ modes:
- 55% cardinal
- 36% mutable
- 9% fixed

that's it <3 hope you liked it!