this article is inspired by @jayceevail

hey guys! there is a trend on tiktok where you judge the person by characters they relate to; and that's what we're going to do now!
let's start!

mabel pines (gravity falls)

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mabel is an optimistic and creative chracter. she's always searching for new friends and adventures.

dipper pines (gravity falls)

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dipper is a smart character, but on the other side he is a bit naive and some of his choices are questionable. he is still very young, but has a plan for the rest of his life. he basically has a plan for everything, but he is still a very funny person and likes to learn.

lily aldrin (how I met your mother)

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lily is a lovely character. she is a good friend and partner. her creativity and adventurousness is inspiring. her art and sexuality path is interesting and nice to follow.

aang (avatar)

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aang is really cute. he respects all beings and really likes animals. he is an airbender and a fighter. he learns fast and always stays hopeful and optimistic.

brian griffin (family guy)

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brian is... special. he doesn't really know what he's doing with his life. he always wanted to be a famous author, he always wanted to be better, to do better. he seems arrogant and emotional. he hates himself and he hates people who are better than he is.

stewie griffin (family guy)

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stewie is a baby, a very smart baby. he is actually way too smart, he can't really handle the smartness. he hates other human beings and is a born leader, a typical entj. he doesn't really understand his emotions, especially the love aspect. he is really good at analyzing people, building complex machines and leading people or groups.

arthur fleck (joker 2019)

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arthur is sick of people. they always make fun of him. he thinks he is a pretty good comedian, but reality hits him in the face. he wants anarchy. he wants revenge. he is so sick.
that's it! I hope y'all are doing well :) xoxo,