Heyy today I wanna share with you my vision of pink as a person ( part2 ) ^-^

0- Appearance :
Eyes : green
Hair : black short hair
Skin : black
Height : very large

1- Personnality

pink, quotes, and aesthetic image pink, quotes, and boy image pink, sky, and fun image boy, cosy, and girl image
leader, empathic, sassy, outgoing, funny, friendly, ambitious and dynamic

1*- Zodiac sign : Capricorn

astrology, zodiac sign, and vibes image zodiac, astrology, and virgo image

2- Interests :

pink, aesthetic, and powerpuff girls image funny, girly, and woman image pink, aesthetic, and retro image aesthetic, blue, and boy image
tv / music, friends, family, party, fashion

3- Hairstyles :

boy and model image prettymuch, zionkuwonu, and zion image
short dreadlocks

4- Makeup :

eye, makeup, and pink image makeup, becca, and highlighter image
bright and shiny eyeshadow too + highlighter

5- Outfits

pink, outfit, and fashion image boy, fashion, and hair image aesthetic, boy, and boys image boy, fashion, and Hot image

6- Accessories :

pink, sunglasses, and summer image pink, girl, and flowers image pink, shoes, and aesthetic image alt, chains, and pastel image alternative, army, and black image aesthetic, bambi, and chic image
( much pink + silver ) shiny, classy and sassy too

7- Car :

pink, cadillac, and car image

8- House :

flowers, pink, and soft image
pink, home, and gold image pink, room, and bedroom image pink, bath, and aesthetic image kitchen, pink, and vintage image

9- Town : Roma

ciudad, Europa, and italia image Image removed Image removed flowers, rome, and italy image

10- Style of Music : Classic

< Favorites Artists :

Beethoven image Mozart image verdi, hat, and man image debussy image
Beethoven // Mozart // Verdi // Debussy

That's it 4 now, hope you liked it ! ; )

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