Hi beauts ;)

So I know this article is way overdue; 5 months overdue. As we all have noticed, we are all going through a rough patch with the virus. During this time we have all either been occupied with online schooling, working from home, working on ourselves or finding a new hobby.

I have been extremely occupied and busy that I've been putting this article off for some time now. But I'm back and as promised, I'm going to share my evening skin-care routine

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Step One: Re-open your pores

After a long day, my face has been exposed to a lot (particular dust particles in the air). All I have to do is apply a face towel (soaked in WARM not HOT water) onto my face for about a minute. This relaxes my skin and allows my pores to open up. As someone who has a combination skin, the warm water really helps with the dryness.

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Step Two: Apply a gentle cleanser

My favourite gentle cleanser, as noted in my previous article, is Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. I prefer to not apply a harsh cleanser as I have sensitive skin too. Your evening routine should be gentle and simple, not excessive.

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Step Three: Apply a mask

A mask isn't a part of my daily evening skin-care routine but I needed to add it in. I use a mask twice a week, three times at the most. I'm not particularly picky about my masks considering that the majority of them are the same. I do try and go for a more healthy and organic face mask though. My ultimate go-to is the avocado and honey face-mask. It might sound awful but it does wonders for dry skin. This is a mask I will do on a weekend, other times it will either be a sheet mask purchased from Sephora/Target (if you're in the States) and Clicks (if you're in South Africa) or a clay mask.

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_Step Four: Moisturizer

In the evenings, I choose against using a toner. But if I forget to use my toner in the morning then that will be the only time I use a toner in my evening skin-care routine. So for my moisturizer, I use the same brand as my cleanser and that is the Cetaphil Night Cream. It's gentle, hydrating and oil-free but also perfect for controlling dry skin.

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Bonus tip: Ensure that you change your pillow cases and pillows often. The oils from your skin seeps into your pillow cases and pillows which causes frequent break outs on your skin.

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With my evening skin-care routine, I usually just use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser which targets my combination skin as a whole instead of using a cleanser that just targets oily skin or dry skin.

There will be days where you are too lazy to do your skin-care routine. There's nothing wrong with it as I too get lazy and usually just skip a routine. If this does happen, just applying a soaked warm face towel onto your face will do the trick. Apply a serum and you'll be good; following a skin-care routine on a daily basis isn't compulsory so don't feel obligated to follow it every single day :)