Hi angels!

Little Mix-Holiday

Image removed girls, group, and jesy nelson image

Taylor Swift- seven / my tears ricochet

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, folklore, and taylor image

Alec Benjamin - Match In The Rain / I'm Not A Cynic

music and alec benjamin image album, alec benjamin, and music image

Aurora - Warrior / The Seed / Gentle Eathquakes

art, aurora, and famous image album, aurora, and indie image

MARINA- Better Than That / Solitaire / I'm a Ruin / Handmade Heaven / Savages

Image by arzu marina and the diamonds and marina diamandis image

Daft Punk - The Game Of Love / Beyond

daft punk and music image Image by Adolfo
i fucking love them so much

Patrick Watson- je te laisserai des mots/ melody noir / sit down beside me

patrick watson and je te laisserai des mots image aesthetic, eiffel, and european image

Dennis Lloyd- Alien

alternative, creative, and dark image alien, green, and neon image

HAIM- If I Could Change Your Mind

music, haim, and daysaregone image aesthetic, editing, and glitter image

Bedรผk- Geldikleri Gibi

fame, hair, and music image aesthetic, electronic, and love image

Khruangbin- Rules

artwork, colors, and band image rudy pankow, outer banks, and jj image
thank you outer banks

Charli XCX - Gone / Warm

charli, xcx, and how iโ€™m feeling now image c and charlie xcx image

The Weeknd- Alone Again

After Hours, music, and xo image Image removed

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Here are some of my playlists.Check them out :) Love you.

autumn: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ulnHiQ9v1g7n4aUsKAhQr?si=kDs51mdiT-qUF6EgJPhHLQ

2000/10s vibes : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ClDNWwkOYVZEyA5SISxEj?si=L8FjW-oETRaNVSVy1PJcPw

aesthetic : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1QtCmbuvJKz8LBYNsLuclQ?si=c36taqt-Qpi2lt4Mvrb_8g

good mood: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6tgqK62xuMfgw3gm4P4twP?si=3GidvEoGRpuaa0rGebCgYA

futuristic / electronic / cyberpunk / galactic : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6M7QscSCRZMx7EPrhg9xdN?si=rwTt4mQvRfCwwElflbQ2vA

other songs / mix : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6UuLhJSE6vYWeb2lTYDrgM?si=WH835_0KQUeVt4mpeFXvVw