It was all beautiful
When the sun used to shine,
When looking away from you
Was my only crime.

They all said that
the worst things in life
Always come free to us
That love kills the pain
Then why did you let me slip away?

I wish you were here
Hanging on to say the words
I needed to hear
To play the chords of my song
And making it all sound wrong
Whenever I'm not with you

Right now, I'm just lying,
pretending you're in the past
Pretending that our life
Didn't move forward too fast.

Always said I didn't love you
'Cause I didn't know what it was
I was used to feeling empty
Scared of this feeling
That was filling me up
And lighting my heart
And tearing my fear apart.

Guess you were the one
That loved me
While breaking me without hurting
I'm so sorry that I didn't see
What was standing in front of me,
The love you were offering
And I was scared of accepting
So I kept on denying it.