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So let´s go!
This or that?

1.Color or neutral clothes

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Neutral all the way, I love black and grey especially.

2. Sweatpants or jeans

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Obvi sweatpants, I think it makes you look very laid-back and cool.

3. Shorts or skirts

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I really don´t like to wear shorts, so skirts.

4. Dungarees or dresses

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I´ve never worn a dungaree so dress it is!

5. T-shirt or tops

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T-shirts are so much more comfortable.

6. Heels or flats

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I´d choose sneakers all day everyday.

7. Long or short sleeve

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On hoodies obviously long sleeves but for tops I´d say short sleeves.

8. Coats or jacket

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I don´t really feel like myself when I wear a coat, it feels like I´m dressing up to be someone else. So I only have jackets.

9.Sweatshirt or hoodie

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Hoodie a 100%.

10. Lace or sports bra

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Lace is very pretty and sexy and sports bra is very comfortable so I like to switch between the two.

11. Denim or leather

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Denim! I don´t own any leather clothes actually. I only had a leather skirt and when I sat on the bus too school an old, creepy man stared att me and my skirt so went to a clothing store and bought something else to wear to school...

12. Purse or backpack

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Backpacks feels so childish, I like purses.

13 Rings or bracelet

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Rings! It´s such a nice way to accessorize hands.

14. Necklace or earrings

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I wear hoops almost everyday, so I have to say earrings. But I also like tiny necklaces.

16. Piercing or tattoo

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Tattoo! I have so many plans for my next tattoos, I only have two small ones now but I´m gonna do more.

Thanks for reading this short article!
Have a great day, night, morning- whenever you read this.